Maryam Nawaz says she ‘stands with people’ on petrol price hike

Twitter user tagged Maryam Nawaz in the tweet and asked her to stop the government from increasing the petrol price.

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PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz says she stands with the people of Pakistan on the recent petrol price hike. In her tweet last night she said she disapprove of the price hike and expressed solidarity with the people.

Condemnation for the current government poured in on social media following the recent price hike. In the tweet, Maryam Nawaz said, “I stand with the people. Cannot support this decision.”

Twitter user tagged Maryam Nawaz in the tweet and asked her to stop the government from increasing the petrol price. He asked Maryam Nawaz to urge Nawaz Sharif to take action against the petrol price hike. Responding to the tweet, she said, “Mian Sahib strongly opposed this decision and even said that I cannot burden the people with one more penny and if there is any compulsion from the government, I am not involved in this decision and left the meeting.”

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Twitter users were not convinced with the response from Maryam Nawaz and called her out for only voicing verbal condemnation instead of taking action despite having her party in the government. She, however, received flak as social media users said that her mere condemnation will not reverse the petrol price hike. Some commented on her talking against the government from her party.

Last night, the government of Pakistan announced the price hike of Rs.6 after speculations were rife that petrol prices are expected to decrease following a reduction in the international petroleum prices. Several social media users expressed their shock at the price hike. They called it a surprising move from the government. People commented that the current government has failed to deliver the benefit of the reduced oil prices in Pakistan. Netizens are demanding an explanation from the government for the recent price hike.


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