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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Masjid demolished, beggars beaten: India becomes hell for Muslims

Islamophobia prevails in India as two new incidents come to light. On the one hand, a Muslim beggar is assaulted and asked to go to Pakistan and on the other side, ancient Bilal mosque is demolished.

A video surfaced on social media where 5 people can be seen assaulting a Muslim man and asking him to go to Pakistan.

The victim seems to be a beggar and appears to be seeking alms. The incident took place in district Ajmer of Rajasthan, India and as per the Ajmer Police, the 5 men seen in the video have been arrested.

Lalit Sharma, 40; Surendra, 32; Tejpal, 27; Rohit Sharma, 32; and Shailendra Tank, 31 were arrested under Section 151 CrPC (arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offences).

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The incident took place around four days ago in Subhash Nagar area, which comes under Ramganj police station, the police confirmed. However, no FIR of the incident was registered as the police could not trace the Muslim man, and said that he must have come from another state.

“If the victim comes forward and submits a complaint, an FIR will be lodged under sections relating to disrupting communal harmony,” said Mukesh Kumar Soni, circle officer, Ajmer South.

The accused were detained for a day, presented before a magistrate and released on bail. Many pilgrims across the country come to Ajmer Dargah and it appears the victim could be from Uttar Pradesh.

The victim can be seen in the video saying “we will leave after 2, 3 days” when the men started misbehaving with him.

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One of the men assaulting the beggar says “Go to Pakistan and beg there.”

The Hindutva ideology of Modi persists in almost all of India with such Islamophobic incidents taking place time and again.

Bilal Masjid Haryana

Indian government has demolished the ancient Bilal Masjid in Faridabad-Haryana.

Sources reported that the mosque was razed to the ground as per the Indian Supreme Court’s orders to demolish the encroachments on forest land in Faridabad’s Khori Gaon village.


The orders were issued to the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) last year on February 19.

However, the village residents claimed that state and municipal authorities were acting swiftly against the poor while sparing the rich who have constructed farmhouses and commercial structures on forest land.

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People have been sharing the videos of the mosque being demolished questioning the minority rights in India and the bias that exists in the judicial system.