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Friday, February 16, 2024

Mastung blast: Social media pays tribute to deceased patriot Siraj Raisani

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The political candidate Siraj Raisani from Balochistan Awami Party was killed in a deadly suicide blast that shook the city of Mastung and the entire country on Friday. The suicide blast happened in a corner meeting. The attack claimed the lives of 128 people and injured over 200.

Siraj Raisani was the brother of former Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani. He was a nationalist who was relentlessly thwarting the anti-state elements active in Balochistan.

The news of blast spread like a wildfire while social media exploded with tweets of remorse, condemnation, and tribute to Siraj Raisani for his sacrifice for the country.

Raisani was vocal about his love and support for Pakistan. His close aides, friends, and followers paid him tribute. The social media was abuzz with his passionate messages for Pakistan.

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Renowned figures like Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Asif Ghafoor in his Twitter message condemned the attack but also praised the deceased soul for his unwavering devotion towards Pakistan.

“Pakistan has lost a highly devoted & capable politician. Attempts of inimical forces to derail important democratic activity shall not succeed. United we all Pakistanis, Insha’Allah shall defeat them,” Ghafoor said in his tweet.

Famous social media activist and anchorperson Hamza Ali Abbasi condemned the attack and pleaded people to vote in the upcoming elections to fulfill Siraj Raisani’s dream of gearing Pakistan forward.

Some recalled Raisani’s attempt last year for creating the longest-ever national flag hosted from Mastung to Quetta on August 14th.

Another Twitter user while paying him tribute shared the heartwarming messages of his support for the security forces of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

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Senator Sherry Rehman also took to Twitter and expressed her grief on the death. She stated that the lack of security of important politicians resulted in their deaths.

Renowned political analyst and journalist from Balochistan Jan Achakzai shared Raisani’s message in which he called himself a proud Pakistani.

Besides them, politicians like Imran Khan, Jehangir Tareen, Naz Baloch and others condemned the incident and expressed their grief at the loss of innocent lives.