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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Media keep silent about serious clash in East Idlib

The crisis in Syria has reached its apex and several parties involved have been committing human rights violations in the area. Several killings, bombarding in the civilian area and on hospitals has become a norm and mainstream media do not talk about it.

Bassim al-Khalili |

According to AleppoMC, on September 4 at around 2 a.m. during the night raid, the pro-Turkish militants from National Liberation Front came across security perimeters of the Syrian Democratic Forces operating in northeastern Idlib Governorate alongside with the US PMC Castle International. Several PMC instructors were killed. The purpose of the mission is not clear.

Instead, several activists report that the Turkish proxies are suffering heavy losses resulting from mines. This information was also confirmed by Ronahi.tv and Suqour al-Sham press office. The latter equally recognized that two militants, including Jahya Hamid and Abdullah Hasan Zinedin, were killed and seven others were severely wounded.

The representatives from three various Turkish-backed formations numbered at least 27 fighters attempted to attack SDF and PMC fortifications. The latter has been training and supporting the Kurds. The offensive failed due to mines planted by the defenders supposedly by PMC’s miners around the area, reports al-Wataniya al-Tahrir whistleblower.

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Besides, during the clashes, several SDF-fighters actually lost their lives as well as six Castle International specialists were wounded and killed. The exact number of casualties is unknown. Nevertheless, social media activists say at least one tactical group numbered nine fighters were eliminated. It covered the withdrawal of others.

Castle International has refused to comment on that. The PMC has been supporting and training Kurdish militants for a period. Anadolu news agency published information on closed ties between them. Ankara considers YPG as a branch of prohibited PKK and counteracts in any way possible manipulating its proxies in Idlib.

As al-Wataniya al-Tahrir has suffered heavy losses, most likely its media wing spread fake to motivate further attacks on SDF. Previously it was involved in fake news generating.

Ceasefire Zone

Russia and Turkey agreed upon a de-escalation zone in Idlib last year which is the last remaining bastion of rebels fighting against the Syrian government. However, the cease-fire agreement did not last long as each side has been accusing the other of the violation. Turkey has been supporting rebels in the past and many of the top leaders during height of the civil war were actually residing inside Turkey, away from the battle zone.

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