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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Meera, Queen of the Pakistani Film Industry?

Reema Khan, Pakistani star actress who ruled the hearts of Pakistani men, holds Meera jee on a high pedestal. Reema in her Ramzan transmission called Meera 'Queen of Lollywood' and recalled great times working together.

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Former actress Reema praised her counterpart Meera in her Ramzan TV show, Baran-e-Rehmat. Reema invited the entire cast of the upcoming film ‘Baaji’ in which the actress is playing a central role of film actress ‘Shameera’.

Reema held her guest Meera in high regards and stated “Meera has ruled this industry. She is the queen of our industry.”

“She has always remained on a [high] position so working opposite her in itself was an achievement and a challenge,” the host Reema said further.

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Model Amna Ilyas also praised the Baaji lead actress, she explained how as opposed to her expectations she turned out to be a wonderful co-star and supported her a lot throughout the movie.

“Before working with Meera jee I was very scared; she is the queen and she has a very powerful role in our film industry,” replied the model.

“I could only establish my presence through my acting and I couldn’t have done that alone had I not had her support. She taught me in every scene and each step [with] her professionalism and experience in over 100 films. Meera is so supportive and down to earth and I never knew she was going to be like this.”

Osman Khalid Butt, who is playing the character of director Rohail Khan, stated that he had long wished to work opposite her.

“I’ve been a big fan of Meera jee and working with Meera jee was a dream [I had] for the past ten years which has come true because of Sabiq Malik’s film (Baaji director). My experience [working in this film] was fantastic, Meera jee is a consummate professional, I got to learn a lot from her punctuality and professionalism and her patience when approaching any scene.”

Meera is set to make her return to the cinema screens with her upcoming movie ‘Baaji’ which is set to be released on June 28th.