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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mehwish Hayat praise US rep AOC for speaking on verbal abuse

Besides praising US rep AOC for speaking up against abuse, Mehwish Hayat also posted her provocative images from a recent photoshoot to silence the detractor.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat lauded the US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) for speaking against abuse.

United States Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) on Thursday repeated an accusation that her Republican colleague Ted Yoho used a profane gender-based slur towards her earlier this week in an interaction on the Capitol steps. “In front of reporters, Representative Yoho called me, and I quote, ‘a f**king bitch’,” she said on the House floor. “These are the words that Representative Yoho levied against a Congresswoman.”

Mehwish Hayat: praises AOC for speaking against abuse

Mehwish Hayat shared the video of the speech of AOC blasting her colleague for passing inappropriate comments against her. “Thank you, AOC for saying this out loud. I cried – and can so relate to what you say. For me as an actress, men passing remarks and using abusive language is the norm,” she said. She also added how this has become a pattern here and a ‘cultural thing.’

“They don’t realise that they have wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters at home. However, this alone does not make them ‘decent’! We mustn’t give any man permission to be abusive. Today I stand up & say, I, too am someone’s daughter & I haven’t been raised to accept abuse from anyone!” said the congresswomen.

Mehwish Hayat garnered appreciation on social media for speaking up against abuse and being subjected to gender-based profanities publically.

Meanwhile, in her speech, AOC said that she was prepared to let the incident go until Mr. Yoho “made excuses” by citing his wife and daughters in a speech on Wednesday.

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Yoho has not admitted or denied using the phrase but on Wednesday he denied directing that phrase toward Ocasio-Cortez. He said he nevertheless apologized for the “abrupt manner of the conversation”.

“Having been married for 45 years with two daughters, I’m very cognizant of my language. Offensive name-calling words attributed to me by the press were never spoken to my colleague, and if they were construed that way, I apologize for their misunderstanding. I cannot apologize for my passion, for loving my God, my family, and my country,” he said on the House floor.

Mehwish Hayat: silence critics with a provocative image

Perhaps, taking inspiration from AOC, Mehwish Hayat re-uploaded an image from a photoshoot a few days ago. Hayat had received flak on social media for posting a picture on social media four days ago.

With red lipstick on, wearing a white shirt Hayat posed for the camera in a bedroom. She captioned the image, “Woke up like this!”.

The internet users mocked the celebrity for posing as waking up in the morning with heavy make-up. Social media users posted hilarious memes under her tweet. Meanwhile, a cross-section of netizens slammed the actress for posting provocative images on social media.

Now, Mehwish Hayat again posted her sizzling click from the same photoshoot on her Twitter media with a message to silence the naysayers. Her post followed her comments of lauding US rep AOC speaking up against abuse.

“I’m so glad there was one photo where my Casio watch is clearly visible, the chai stained pillow isn’t there, my legs can be seen & my neck is a little low (as requested) This ones for all the sick minded. You know who you are & I’m sure you’ll still find something wrong here also!,” wrote Mehwish Hayat in the latest tweet.