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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mehwish Hayat’s Provocative Dance Moves Landed her in Trouble

The headstrong Mehwish Hayat dissed her detractors over a recently posted dance video. What a woman wears is totally her choice, has always been her slogan.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat received flak on social media after she posted her video of dance practice for Hum Tv Awards. She received ire over her dressing in a dance video.

The netizens bashed Mehwish Hayat for her inappropriate clothing while rehearsing for the performance with co-actor Ahsan Khan.

Mehwish Hayat could be seen wearing a pink short-top with matching yoga pants, which many social media users are terming as ‘vulgar‘ and ‘revealing‘. While many have been blatantly criticized the actress for ‘immoral dressing‘. Other social media users were of the view that they enjoyed her dance performance and supported her.

Mehwish Hayat lambasted her critics and asserted that no one has the right to question her on her dressing. The actress did not remove her video in the face of criticism but gave a befitting reply to the naysayers.

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“It is my prerogative to wear whatever I so desire,” she told one of the Twitterati, who questioned her about choosing such an outfit. Adding that she respects their choice and hence she must be respected in the same way.


Her supporters backed her amid the bashing on social media, praised her work, calling her the epitome of grace and women empowerment.


Mehwish Hayat has been subjected to various controversies ever since she received Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Earlier, she warned her detractors not to tarnish her image on unnecessary controversies since she is clear on her principle, and morals and believes in freedom and empowerment. She faced similar criticism for her dressing style while representing Pakistan at the finals of the US Open Championship. She silenced her critics asserting that it is a woman’s choice of what she wants to wear.


A few days ago, she was criticized for refusing to speak on Kashmir issue at a charity event following her viral video. Hayat responded to the flak, calling her statements taken out of context to twist a controversy.