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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Mercedes takes the world of EV’s into luxury with all-new EQS

While the world waits for the official reveal of the EV sedan on April 15, images of its interior have been released that show the high-tech and elegant space.

“Almost gave me whiplash”, wrote The Verge’s senior transportation reporter Andrew J. Hawkins, as he described the all-new Mercedes Benz 2022 electric S-Class, EQS.

The above statement is not because the car is bad or something, but the German luxury car brand has gone above and beyond to make the car very different from the recent run-of-the-mill electric cars available today.

EQS exterior

Source: Verge

The experts in the industry are labeling the new S class as a ‘new benchmark for the luxury Electric Vehicle (EV) market’.

The S-class already is largely considered the pinnacle of luxury in the automobile sector, and with this new EV model in town, the Mercedes fanbase is likely to give it a try.

Also, it is not like the car is not an amazing piece of architecture that also goes an extra mile to cater to the EV fanbase who love technology.

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In the first view of the vehicle, the company has not revealed all of its vehicle’s amazing features, but the car design even as of now is amazing.

The EQS has the largest screen infotainment that spreads throughout the front of the car and it claims to have the highest range in the market (more than 470 miles as of now). According to Hawkins, there was an amazingly high number of physical touchpoints in the car.

Features(as many as revealed yet)

According to the company, the car tops 60 mph in a little over 4 seconds and a top speed limit of 130 mph. It may not beat the tesla 3-second record, but 4 seconds is pretty amazing too.

The luxury electric sedan has two battery options, 90 KWh, and 107.8KWh. This could explain the high range as Tesla’s most luxurious and most powerful long-range Model S has a 100KWh battery.

The expected range is 770 Kilometres or 478.5 miles in Europe, which has higher ranges than the US, meaning the EPA range would be lower.

According to the German automaker, when the sedan is plugged into a 200kWh fast charger, 300 kilometers of range would be added (186 miles) in 15 minutes. That’s faster than most of Mercedes’ competitors in the EV business.

It must be mentioned that Tesla has been making its cars for a decade now, while Mercedes has just entered the market.

According to Mercedes, the car has ultra-low drag, with a 0.20 drag coefficient meaning the lowest in the world. This low air resistance could be another reason for such a high range.

The car will come in RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) version with 329 horsepower and AWD(All Wheel Drive) version with 516 hp.

Infotainment and interior

EQS interior

The sedan comes with a huge 55-inch capacitive touchscreen that controls all the functions of the car. It is called Hyperscreen by the company.

The seats are power-heated, with cooling, and massaging features;the rear seats of the car have their infotainment systems attached to the headrest of the front seat. The center armrest in the rear seat also has a small screen to control all the infotainment systems.

The car uses a 710-watt Burmester sound system with a premium 15-speaker to create an amazing experience.

Drive Modes

According to Verge, the car has four driving modes, namely, Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Individual. To toggle between them, you press a button located in the center console next to the start/stop button.


EQS will be eligible for the Plug and Charge system, the international standard for charging EVs. That means the EQS will be compatible with about 90 percent of the public charging stations in the US without the need for a specified app or anything like that.


Andrew J. Hawkins wrote, “QS’s map was ludicrously detailed, with the 3D option especially beautiful. But I rarely needed to look at the map for navigation, thanks to the impressive heads-up display (HUD).” It uses AR to project 3D arrows in the driver’s field of vision according to situations.

He also came across an option that projects an AR green orb that would glow orange and then red as the car accelerated.

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Even though the entire car is yet to be revealed at the official launch, people are wondering what it offers that the refreshed soon-to-be-launched Tesla model S will not, causing people to look for this car among the likes of E-Tron, Taycan, etc.