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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Messiah, Imam Mahdi & Dajjal: Netflix’s attempt at Brainwashing

Twitter drew in fear as soon as the trailer of the upcoming Netflix series, ‘Messiah’ hit the internet. A sensitive discussion on the advent of Dajjal and Imam Mahdi ignited following the trailer urging people to reprize Islamic teachings on the subject.

The trailer of the upcoming Netflix series, ‘Messiah‘ became a global phenomenon on Twitter when it triggered trends of ‘Anti-Christ Dajjal’ and ‘Messiah’ following its release. Kicked started yesterday, the trends are atop on Twitter; social media users from across the globe are heavily weighing in on the subject.

The trailer of the series left people perturbed thrusting people to stimulate a debate on the content of the trailer, the intent behind it and the message it exudes. The series will release in January 2020 but the trailer has already created an upheaval on social media.


Where a score of social media users asserted that they were scared with the trailer of the series, Muslim users reprized Islamic beliefs on the advent of Dajjal, Imam Mehdi, Christ and Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW’s teachings on the subject.


Twitteratis discussed that as per Islamic belief there will be the arrival of a false Messiah, Dajjal or AntiChrist before the Day of Judgment who will delude the believers. Holy Prophet SAW informed that the exact time of the advent of Dajjal is known to Allah only.

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Islamic Teachings on Dajjal

The Islamic teachings inform that the false messiah’s complexion will be reddish-white with thick and long hair. The Islamic scriptures further tell that Dajjal would be identified with a floating eye and another eye of green color.

Dajjal will possess extraordinary powers like bringing dead back to life, healing the ill and others. Dajjal will ask people to submit to him and he will gather a massive following behind him. The word Kaafir will be written on his forehead but that would be only visible to the people with strong belief. He would behave and walk differently from normal men.

According to the Islamic Hadith, Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Esa will follow Dajjal. They will confront the deception of Dajjal and kill him. Islamic hadiths have also mentioned ample preconditions for the arrival of Dajjal.

Social media reactions

The Twitter discussion primarily revolved around the intent of the Netflix series; a score of people agreed that it is a deliberate attempt by the westerners and Hollywood to maneuver the minds of people and precondition them towards the acceptance of Dajjal as ‘normal’ and ‘usual’.

Another group of people added that it’s an overt attempt by Hollywood to pursue the wicked agendas of Illuminati. As many pointed out that the A in the title of the ‘Messiah’ was not a regular ‘A’ alphabet but a Triangle- an insignia of Illuminati.


Social media users also delved deeper and found out that the character playing ‘Messiah’ or ‘Dajjal’ in the Netflix series is originally named Mahdi.

However, social media users also slammed people expressing their fear on the jarring and creepy trailer of the ‘Messiah’ describing it the result of weak belief. They added that Islam has advised a solution to recite Quranic Surah, Al-Kahf to escape the wicked agendas of Illuminati and Dajjal.

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Others mocked that, people needed Hollywood to remind them the advent of Dajjal is inevitable and near. A mammoth of Twitter users agreed that Muslims must tightly stick to their beliefs and follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet SAW diligently.

Ample discussions have already hit the internet establishing the connection between Hollywood and Illuminatis. People believe Netflix’s ‘Messiah’ is another string in Hollywood’s campaign to spread the influence of Illuminati globally.


Earlier, colossal theories have been churned regarding the end of the world including the popular theory that the world would end four days before Christmas on December 21, 2012.

As per the Mayan Calendar, the world would end by 2012 owing to strange astrological activities; the prediction pinged around globally instilling fear among people that a planet Earth will disintegrate and 7 billion population will go extinct. The theory was, however, debunked by NASA later.