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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Meta reveals the most used emojis among Pakistanis

Social media conversations are incomplete without emojis. It is a very important part of our daily routine. On the occasion of world emoji day, Meta releases the most used emojis by Pakistanis on different social media platforms.

In honor of World Emoji Day, Meta has published a list of the top trending emojis that Pakistanis have been using to express themselves when words fail them – sometimes, little cartoon figures may better express feelings than words. In addition, they explained the meanings of several of the most popular emojis and revealed an exciting update.

Emojis are quickly evolving into a universally understood visual language, according to trends. People of all generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, find it handy to “speak” emojis when communicating with friends and family, coworkers, and acquaintances.

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What are the most used emojis?

Gen Z users in Pakistan, between the ages of 18 and 24, tended to use the (red heart) the most, followed by the (happy face), (heavy black heart), (thumbs up), and (happy face) (rolling on the floor laughing).

Millennials, who ranged in age from 25 to 44, likewise thought that the “red heart” was the best. They continued to rank (thumbs up) and (happy face) as their second and third favorites.

The (red heart), (thumbs up), and (two hearts) were also preferred in chats by Gen X and Baby Boomers who were 45 years old and older.

Amongst the newly released emojis on Facebook, the face holding back tears remained the top favorite in Pakistan. It was followed by a face with a peeking eye, a saluting face, heart hands and a melting face.

Among the most popular emoji sets on Facebook are the ones for sports. In Pakistan, bow and arrow, soccer, and golf were the most popular sports. On Facebook, the soccer ball continued to be the most widely used sports emoji, but on Instagram, (cricket bat and ball) topped the list. Weightlifting was the most popular activity on Instagram among Pakistani users.

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Emojis keep talks lighthearted and informal, and they are rapidly altering how people communicate with one another. The younger generation is using it the most, and Pakistan’s Gen Z is no exception.

They were discovered to be expressing themselves in their interactions using the widest variety of emojis, including (ambulance), (clown face), (skull), (upside down face), and more.