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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Metro bus catches fire in Islamabad

Two Metro service buses of Islamabad’s Red Line Metro have caught fire within the last 3 days.

One of the red line Metro buses in Islamabad caught fire earlier today. The bus was in Rehmanabad area of Rawalpindi when it caught fire.

Fire brigade vehicles reached at the spot to control fire as the driver stopped the bus immediately and unlocked both gates to exit passengers. However, the metro bus was damaged severely and it was also reported that some of the passengers got injured.

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The Metro Bus services were also shut down due to the situation.

A few passers buy also recorded the incident and posted the videos on twitter.

It is to be noted that just a few days ago, on 1st August, another Metro bus of the same line caught fire near Jinnah Avenue. Fortunately, nobody was harmed.

Two metro buses catching fire within such a short time span is a matter of concern as it puts the safety of many citizens at risk.

The authorities say that they have sent a summary to Punjab government to provide funds to start maintenance works of busses and metro track. The Metrobus network’s Red Line was the first opened on 4 June 2015.  The project was started on 23 April 2014 and was completed on 27 March 2015 incurring a total cost of ₨33.5 billion as quoted by the contractor of the project.

After the recent incidents, many citizens do not feel safe to travel in the Metro Buses and ask- rre the metrobuses not safe to use anymore?