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Saturday, July 20, 2024

MG to lead EV market as it is set to offer most affordable EV

"The future of Pakistan's automotive industry depends only on EVs. Let us join hands to make this a reality." Says Javed Afridi.

“The future of Pakistan’s automotive industry depends only on Electric Vehicles (EVs). Let us join hands to make this a reality.” Says Javed Afridi, the man who introduced MG cars in Pakistan, on Twitter.

In another tweet, he announced the inaugural test drive of MG’s latest car, the MG ZS EV, in Lahore. “Looking Forward to a Successful Test Drive of MG ZS EV in Lahore. We deserve a Green and Clean Environment. Another step towards a Better Future.”

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MG Pakistan is a joint venture between JW-SEZ and SMIL — a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. SAIC is a state-owned Chinese multinational automotive design and manufacturing company based in Shanghai.

It is also the seventh-largest auto developer in the world and the largest in China. SAIC bought Morris Garages (MG), a prestigious British brand, in 2006, a name it now uses to market its automobiles globally.

The new Chinese brands that have entered the country have received an overwhelming response since the three other major car companies, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota, have monopolized the industry and discouraged diversity of products.

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Chinese SUVs have already become the cheapest in the market while simultaneously offering better quality features.

The government has also recently implemented “The Electric Vehicles Policy,” which offers incentives to assemblers and manufacturers of EVs and further encourages investment in the sector.

Earlier, the Automotive Development Policy (2016-2021) had promoted foreign investment into the country, attracting international automobile companies into the market.

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Many leading members of the global automobile industry like Japan and South Korea have expressed their intent on investing in Pakistan, foreseeing the high potential for the emerging EV market.