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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Mi Mix Alpha: Futuristic phone launched but it costs $3000 

Xiaomi has launched Mi Mix Alpha with 4D surrounding curve display as they call it. By all means it looks like a futuristic smartphone. So can we say Xiaomi will be the future leader in phone market? Xiaomi already enjoys title of fourth largest mobile company.

Welcome to a smartphone with no boundaries. This is the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. It is a device with a 360 degree wraparound display. It feels futuristic phone in a market where a lot of people complain about a lack of differentiation.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha unique selling point is one continuous display but the way the software has been designed for four separate displays. The primary one is on the front of the smartphone. When you flip to the left and you get the things that you want to check quickly and often. Time date and notifications are on the right the status bar: battery life, Wi-Fi and signal.

There are virtual power and volume keys on the right side. The rear display shows all sorts of quick access widgets.

The total screen size is 7.92 inches which sounds colossal but that’s actually the size of the longest diagonal going all the way round.

There is a combination of sensors which mean that whenyou’re using the phone from the front the rear can be prevented from registering touches and vice versa.

Xiaomi is calling its display a 4D surrounding curved display.

Mi Mix Alpha has a 181% screen to body ratio. The rear cameras eat some of that screen to body ratio. The phone has 108MP camera. Samsung is the supplier of this camera which uses tetra cell technology to take full 108MP images in daylight and four 27MP images in low light and combine it to form one detailed image.

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Mi Mix Alpha has a wide-angle and telephoto camera present as well. There’s only one set of cameras on this phone.

So if you want to take selfies or make video calls then you’ve to flip the phone which shouldn’t be a problem because there’s a display at the back as well.

All in all, it looks identical to the Huawei’s foldable smartphone the Mate X, but the difference is the Mi Mix Alpha isn’t a foldable smartphone.

It still amazes us how fast the technology is evolving. We never expected a futuristic smartphone in 2020 itself.

To be clear, this is still a concept which means Xiaomi isn’t mass producing it like their other smartphones.

They have no plans to sell this internationally, Mi Mix Alpha is limited to China and is priced at almost $3000. But one can order it from the company for experimental usage.

Pakistanis will have to pay way more than $3000 or Rs. 4,80,000 to import futuristix Mi Mis Alpha from China. But in that money you can buy a double cabin vehicle.

Phones are getting ridiculously expensive, to the point that they are not just phones anymore but a status symbol as well.

It reflects your personality if that makes sense. When you are buying a car, your top priority is looks and then comes the rest. Same is true for the phones.

When I’m buying a budget phone or midrange phone, looks are not important, the specs and features are.

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