Police arrests father who brutally shot new-born baby

Mianwali police have arrested the brutal father who shot and killed a newborn baby girl. The IG Punjab has directed DPO Mianwali to oversee the investigation himself and punish the accused severely.

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The Mianwali police have arrested the man accused of shooting his 7-day-old daughter as he wanted a son. Authorities are vowing strict action against the accused.

To clarify, DPO Mianwali held a press conference at his office where he briefed the media on the arrest. According to details, the police formed three search teams who carried out raids in various locations. Finally, they caught the accused at District Bhakkar.

“Mianwali police have arrested the brutal father who shot and killed a newborn baby girl. The IG Punjab has directed DPO Mianwali to oversee the investigation himself and punish the accused severely. The Chief Minister Punjab and the IG Punjab had taken notice of the incident,” the Punjab Police said in a statement.

Brutal murder of newborn 

Earlier, harrowing reports emerged of a man murdering his 7-day-old baby daughter in the Mianwali district of Punjab. To clarify, the man wanted a son and was angry with his wife for giving birth to a girl.

According to reports, the man Shahzeb had entered his house on Sunday. He pulled out his pistol, and shot his daughter dead. After shooting his daughter, he fled the scene. The autopsy report showed the suspect had fired four bullets to kill the newborn.

Police have registered a murder case on the complaint of victim’s maternal family, who was present on the occasion, and started an investigation. The victim’s maternal uncle revealed that Shahzeb was upset with the birth of a daughter and refused to accept her.

As per the complainant, Shahzeb had snatched the baby from her mother. Family members present tried to rescue the baby but Shahzeb threatened to shoot if anyone came close to him.

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Punjab Inspector General of Police Rao Sardar Ali Khan has taken notice of the incident and sought a report from the Sargodha RPO.

The IG has ordered to arrest the brutal accused immediately and take strict legal action against him. He had also directed to keep close contact with the victim’s family.

Pakistani fathers honor their daughters

Needless to say, the cruel incident has left Pakistan in anger. Netizens have flocked to Twitter to condemn the brutal murder. Ever since the incident occurred, netizens have been sharing images of the infant while calling for strict action against the culprit.

Interestingly, the incident has struck a chord in Pakistani fathers. With #Mianwali trending on Twitter, fathers are sharing pictures of their daughters and calling them their pride and joy.

“I just can’t process the news about a father killing his newborn daughter. This is beyond cruel, barbaric, and monstrous. Being a father of a girl, I can tell there is nothing more beautiful than having a daughter. It breaks my heart thinking about the little angel,” one Twitter user wrote.

Important to note, the incident occurred as Pakistan gears up for the much-criticized Aurat March 2022. As a result, advocates of the march have also taken the opportunity to reiterate their support for Aurat March.

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