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Friday, July 19, 2024

Middle East royal calls for end to Western ‘dominance’

The crown prince of Oman has met with the Russian president in Moscow

The current unfair world order dominated by the West needs to end, Omani Crown Prince Prince Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said said on Thursday, speaking with President Vladimir Putin.

Prince Theyazin was in Moscow for the ‘Russia Calling’ Forum hosted by VTB Bank. He met with the Russian leader on the sidelines of the investment conference.

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“I listened very carefully to your opening speech,” said the prince, according to translated remarks published by the Kremlin. “I share all your assessments of the current international situation, primarily about the need to end the current unfair world order and the dominance of the West, as well as to build a new fair world order and economic relations without double standards.”

In his opening remarks, Putin had described globalization as a phenomenon used by the US and the collective West to exploit both its allies and the “global periphery” instead of allowing every nation to develop and thrive.

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That system is currently undergoing “radical and irreversible” changes into a more democratic and multipolar order, the Russian leader said.

Prince Theyazin said it was necessary to create new mechanisms for trade and international relations that would not “impose any ideologies,” and develop new economic centers in Africa and Asia. The Middle East was strategically positioned to play a promising role in strategic infrastructure projects, he added.

Oman is located on the southeastern tip of the Arabian peninsula, across the mouth of the Persian Gulf from Iran. Its longtime ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, died in 2020 without any children – leaving the kingdom to his cousin Haitham bin Tariq. His son Prince Theyazin currently serves as Oman’s minister of youth, culture and sports.