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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Miftah Ismail lands in hot waters

Finance Minister, Miftah Ismail is criticized for being anti-business and corrupt seeking to crush small businesses

A day before PTI’s nationwide “peaceful demonstration” against rising inflation, on Saturday, traders of Islamabad and Rawalpindi raised their voice against Finance Minister Miftah Ismail and demanded his removal. They criticized him for being anti-business and corrupt seeking to crush small businesses.

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Finance Minister has received harsh criticism from all corners of the country; even Defense Minister Khwajah Asif stated that party members are dissatisfied with Miftah’s performance.

Ajmal Baloch, President of the All-Pakistan Traders Association, told a news conference at the National Press Club that the government had promised to allow traders to keep their stores open till midnight during Eid, but no notification had yet been received.

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Mr. Baloch claimed that Miftah Ismail is always making fun of the poor, and that the new government has burdened residents with inflation rather than limiting their own expenditures. Moreover, the new government has introduced a fixed tax on the traders, which they were already paying, he added, “Why don’t these people impose new taxes on the elite?”

He urged that cabinet members cut their protocols, embrace austerity, and provide relief to common residents, as well as implement policies that benefit small enterprises, particularly traders.

“I repeat, don’t force us to come out on the streets to protest,” he urged. He also stated that the present political parties in power made false pledges to take care of the economy, but the current government has done nothing positive.

He also blamed the government for the high fuel prices and frequent load shedding.

In Rawalpindi, Mr. Chaudhry was speaking to reporters. He stated that a meeting with Punjab Home Minister Ata Tarar and Rana Mashhood was held and said that late-night takeaway and home delivery were permitted. Although a notification had already been issued, police still filed FIRs against traders.

According to Irfan Nawaz Memon, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, there are no limitations on business hours on Saturday nights.