Milestone achieved as Karot Hydropower begins operations

Unit-1 with a rated capacity of 180 MW is continuously running on full load and is supplying the energy to the National Grid.

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The Unit-1 of Karot Hydropower project with a capacity of producing 180 MW of electricity successfully started to run after the successful commissioning of the “wet test”.

The Unit-1 with a rated capacity of 180 MW is continuously running on full load and is supplying the energy to the National Grid, said a statement issued by the Karot Power Comapny (KPCL).

The statement added that the 500 kV Switchyard of 720 MW Karot Hydropower project achieved the back energization on April 02, 2022. The start of Karot Project’s Unit-1 full load running is an important milestone for the project.

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Moreover, Unit-2 has also started wet commissioning. The Karot HPP team with the support of National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) will carry out testing and commissioning of the remaining units as per the schedule.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Karot Power Company Limited Wang Minsheng said; “It is due to the hard work of Chinese and Pakistani staff that enabled us to achieve this important milestone. The energy produced from Unit 1 shall provide support to the National Grid in alleviating the energy crisis”. The Karot Hydropower Projects’ timely commissioning will greatly ease the power shortage Pakistan is facing recently.

Karot Hydropower Project is the first large-scale hydropower project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project has a total installed capacity of 720MW and can provide about 3.2 billion kWh of clean energy annually after completion.

It will meet the electricity demand of about 5 million people in Pakistan, which will ease the power supply pressure in the country.

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The Project aims to start the commercial operation by mid of 2022. The Karot Project is funded by the China Three Gorges Corporation and is part of its global push for “Clean & Green” infrastructure development.

Courtesy: APP

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