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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Ministers from Muslim countries visit China for a diplomatic mission

Ministers from Arab and Muslim countries are embarking on a diplomatic mission aimed at ending the devastating war.

As the conflict in Gaza continues to escalate, ministers from Arab and Muslim countries are embarking on a diplomatic mission aimed at ending the devastating war. The tour, initiated by the Islamic Ministerial Committee, follows decisions made at the Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh. This diplomatic initiative seeks to address the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire and facilitate the entry of crucial humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Diplomatic Mission Kick-off in China

Ministers from Arab and Muslim nations are set to begin their diplomatic mission in China on Monday. This marks the initial phase of their efforts to implement resolutions agreed upon during the recent Arab-Islamic Summit. The objective is to engage with key stakeholders and convey a strong message advocating for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

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Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis

One of the primary goals of the diplomatic tour is to address the severe humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. The relentless bombardment and ground offensive by Israel have resulted in a staggering toll, with approximately 12,300 lives lost and over one million Gazans displaced. The visiting ministers aim to galvanise support for humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of civilians caught in the crossfire.

International Support for Ceasefire

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan emphasised the urgent need for global attention to the immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Despite international consensus on the importance of peace, Prince Faisal noted a critical gap in efforts to prioritise an end to the ongoing hostilities. The diplomatic mission intends to mobilise support from various capitals to intensify the push for an immediate cessation of the conflict.

Diplomatic Engagement with the European Union

Prince Faisal engaged in discussions on the Gaza situation with Josep Borrell, the EU Foreign Affairs High Representative, during the IISS Manama Security Summit in Bahrain. Following the meeting, Prince Faisal highlighted the shared commitment to peace within the international community. However, he underscored the necessity of redirecting attention to the urgent need for a ceasefire to halt the escalating violence and civilian suffering.

Vision for Permanent Peace

While emphasising the immediate priority of ending the fighting and addressing the humanitarian crisis, Prince Faisal expressed a broader vision for permanent peace. He articulated the hope of relaunching efforts toward establishing a Palestinian state that would ensure regional security. The diplomatic efforts are viewed as a crucial step in laying the groundwork for a sustainable peace process in the future.

Ongoing Conflict in Gaza

Israel’s military campaign in Gaza has intensified, with a significant loss of life and widespread displacement. The diplomatic mission recognizes the urgency of halting the violence to prevent further civilian casualties and alleviate the suffering of those affected. The international community’s response and collaborative diplomatic endeavours play a pivotal role in navigating a path toward peace and stability in the region.

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China has responded to the escalating conflict in Gaza by urging the international community to take swift action to address the unfolding humanitarian disaster. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasised the urgency of cooling down the situation and restoring peace in the Middle East. He expressed deep concern over the dire conditions in Gaza, asserting that it questions the human sense of right and wrong and humanity’s bottom line. Wang called for effective measures to prevent the tragedy from spreading further, highlighting the global impact of the Gaza situation.