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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Miramar is getting spruced up in PUBG season 5!

With the end of season 4, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all set to bring major changes. On Wednesday morning, developer PUBG Corp. announced that season 5 will take aim at improving Miramar and will add in a few mechanics to the game as a whole.

Amongst the four maps, Miramar has rarely been the PUBG community’s favorite. With its desert theme and massive wide open spaces, things can get a little monotonous and frankly, boring. To help make the map a little more exciting, PUBG Corp is increasing the spawn rate of long range weapons like Assault Rifles, DMRs, the new-and-improved Win94, and all scopes. This should help make the map a little more interesting, since it allows fights to happen at longer distances, and hopefully a little more often.

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Developer PUBG Corp. is adding a racetrack to the map, as well as ramps, jumps, loops, and signboards. A Gold Mirado has also been added. Just one of these will spawn per match, and the only place you can find it is at the garage in Hacienda del Patron. PUBG Corp. says “some small objects and trash in and around buildings” have also been removed to make it easier to move around while looting.

Miramar is getting another new feature: vending machines. Like those in Fortnite, these will spawn in set areas around the map – namely arenas, gas stations, motels, the casino, and commercial buildings – but their exact locations will vary by match, and they’ll dispense healing items like Painkillers and Energy Drinks.

The other major addition coming to season 5 is the ability to throw things, which will work in different ways depending on the context. Offensive-minded players will soon be able to throw melee weapons, which should finally give them a fighting chance when their opponent has a gun and all they have is a machete.

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With a new season comes a new Survivor Pass, Badlands. This one features a new assortment of rewards to unlock as you play PUBG and complete missions. Even if you don’t pick the Survivor Pass up, however, all players can contribute toward an overarching Community mission that’ll unlock special skins and reveal more story details about Miramar.

Other notable changes in Season 5 of PUBG include a few new mechanics. Most notably, you can now throw items to your teammates. If an ally is requesting a healing item or ammo, you’ll see a prompt that allows you to chuck the requested items to them. You can also throw all melee weapons at opponents. Melee weapons also now stack in your inventory, allowing you to carry more than one at a time.

PUBG Season 5 should go live on PC on Oct. 23 and on consoles Oct. 29. Here is a sneak peek: