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Friday, April 12, 2024

‘Mission Parwaz’ : Fakhr-e-Alam becomes first Pakistani to circumnavigate the world

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Singer Fakhr-e-Alam has become the first Pakistani to circumnavigate around the world. Alam concluded his 24-day journey named ‘Mission Parwaz’ in the early hours of Sunday morning, 4th November at Florida, the same place he commenced his journey on October 10th, 2018.

As soon reaching to Florida, Alam posted a video message on Twitter informing the people of Pakistan about the successful completion of ‘Mission Parwaz’. He also felicitated the nation for including Pakistan in the history of aviation.

“Pakistan, Mission Parwaaz, Mission Accomplished we are now in the history books of aviation,” the 42-year-old wrote.

In his video message, Alam said, “Pakistan, news from Florida, Mission Parwaaz, accomplished. So it’s done, guys. Thousands of nautical miles, hundreds of hours, 22 countries, 24 days one big dream for one big nation. Pakistan congratulations, we are now in the history books of aviation.”

In another post, Alam wrote, “The flag is up….it’s done…Pakistan congrats we have our first successful circumnavigation of the globe in any mode of transportation.”

“Pakistan, Mission Parwaaz, mission accomplished,” he said while giving a thumbs up.

He continued, “I am now at Saint Pete’s Airport, KPI from where on October 10th Mission Parwaaz started and now I am back at the very same airport after completing the mission.”

Before embarking on Mission Parwaz, Fakhr-e-Alam stated that “I have to do 26000 nautical miles and fly through all the mediums of the planet to achieve circumnavigation. We’re aiming for a 28-day schedule. The rules state I have to use the same aircraft and be in control of it at all time. I’ll be flying to 30 airports around the world.”

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He flew over 32 countries in his journey. From Florida, Alam flew to Goose Bay, Canada and then reached Greenland. From Greenland, he flew to Iceland, United Kingdom, Egypt, Bahrain, and Dubai.

From Dubai, the singer flew to Karachi, and then Islamabad, and Lahore. From Lahore onwards, he flew to Dhaka, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, and Darwin in Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia respectively. Alam also took pit stops at the Philippines, Taiwan, Southern Japan, Northern Japan, the Pacific Bay, Russia, and Alaska, before heading back to the USA.

He dedicated this victory to the people of Pakistan. The nation flocked on Twitter to congratulate the singer for successfully completing his mission.

From showbiz celebrities to cricket star to common citizens, everyone was all praises for Alam.