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Friday, May 24, 2024

Model Rabia Butt slammed critics accusing her of spoiling their fast

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Model Rabia Butt has reproached the trolls who kept questioning her Islamic beliefs as few of her ‘objectionable’ pictures made the rounds on social media. Butt eventually retorted and asked the trolls to unfollow her if they deem her pictures on social media are harmful to their beliefs and religious practices like fasting.

Few of the commentators had posted that her pictures will be a source of spoiling their fast. Rabia, in a harsh, tweet silenced her critics, however, she later posted a video on social media in which she calmly provided an explanation.


In a Twitter video, Butt shared, “I’ve seen some of my pictures circulating on social media. I can’t understand the problem.”

She added, “I have never claimed that I’m a very religious person or a firm believer. Or enlighten me if I have ever asserted anything of the sort? One thing I have avowed is that I learn from my mistakes.”

Butt continued, “Our Lord is so gracious. He’s not the one who points out the mistakes of his creation but guides them in a better way. It is us humans who keep reminding others of their flaws.”


“I’ve repeatedly said this before that I was a completely different person before my mother’s death. But after it, I realized that I have to bear all the responsibilities of my family, my three younger sisters. That thought alone has made me let go of a lot of things,” she said. “Why, you might ask? Because a Muslim can do wrong, so can a human. But a mother can never do anything wrong.”

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She went on, “I would never want to be embarrassed in front of the Almighty or my sisters.” She insisted people not to talk about her past but is open to discussion about her present life, the model said in conclusion.