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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Modi abandons India as parks turn into cremation sites

#ModiAbandonedIndia trends on Twitter as Indians express their disappointment with the Modi government's failure to effectively deal with the current Covid crisis.

India’s recent Covid situation has shaken the country as parks and ground turn into massive cremation sites. Indians are attributing the crisis to severe government failure. #ModiAbandonedIndia has taken Twitter over as people express their disappointment with the PM and his government.

Recently, India marked a shocking milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday, reporting a disturbing 314,835 new cases in one day. According to an American study, India’s daily tally of coronavirus-induced deaths could peak by mid-May at 5600.

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Amid this chaos, Modi’s government faces immense criticism as it is accused of ignoring the oxygen crisis despite warnings. Indians are calling out Modi’s failure to have an effective emergency plan in place to deal with such oxygen shortages.

“Not one, not two-several warnings of an impending oxygen crisis were ignored by PM Modi,” said Goa Congress, which is a unit for the Indian National Congress in the State of Goa.

As death tolls peak, parks and open grounds in India are turning into mass cremation sites because crematoriums are now becoming unavailable due to the bulk of dead bodies received on a daily basis.

Heart-wrenching images of pyres burning in grounds flooded social media.


The situation is so dire that hospitals across India are buckling under the burden of Covid cases as they face shortages in supplies. More than two-thirds of hospitals had no vacant beds. They also issued notices to say that they have only a few hours of medical oxygen required to keeping Covid-19 patients alive.

Due to the shortage in oxygen supply, hospitals in India are refusing to admit patients and are asking them to go somewhere else. Some states in India were prepared for the oxygen shortage, however, many states, including Delhi, that do not have their oxygen plants, are relying on imports.

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The government was already facing criticism for its decision to allow mass religious gatherings which incidentally sparked this current crisis. However, now the people are in outrage as they accuse Modi of abandoning India because due to his government’s incompetency, Indians are suffering.