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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Modi and Shah: Anathema of the duo ruling India

For the last seven years Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his 2C-in-C, Home Minister Amit Shah, have left everyone wondering about the way they have gone about running the country. One consequence of this bafflement has been the persistent attacks on them by everyone who can’t understand their method.

Saleem Pandit quotes an intelligence agent to the effect that October 2, 2021 killing of Makhanlal Bindroo and subsequent killing of two vendors hailing from outside the valley and then the attack on the school where a Sikh and a Bihari were killed scribed this to ISI that this was a better and more effective way of forcing the eviction of outsiders. The intelligence officer is wrong because he is himself an instrument of fighting terror in the valley which is also on account of killing local youths so barbarously that imagination fails to gauge the extent of cruelty.

One can at least read Rana Ayyub and Demeter on this matter. If even that is not then what is the logic of PM Narendra Modi’s inaugurating an airport for Buddhist tourists but not allowing the Muslims in the valley to have their own comfort in jobs and services. Kashmir under the Dogra dynasty chose to merge with India and not Pakistan. Sheikh Abdullah was secular-minded and when he realized the folly, he wished that when he dies his body be buried in the sea! PM Jawaher Nehru and Abdullah played with the sentiments and opinions of the free-minded Muslims of the valley. At least what facilities for the Muslim majority in the valley or what concessions were acceded to them should have been maintained as per the condition of their accession to the Union of India.

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A federation, what harm was in it?

PM Vishvanath Pratap Singh appointed Jagmohan Malhotra at the recommendation of the RSS boss of that time. What Jagmohan did was massive slaughter even when the cortege of a religious leader of Muslims, the Mirwaiz, was taken out. This writer was in the valley as a tourist and was quite happy and content but it was a razor-thin divide or interlude that permanently changed the valley. PM Singh realized the blunder. He asked Jagmohan to withdraw from the valley, but by then the harm was done. Malhotra wanted to suppress the Kashmiri people even to the extent of manslaughter and to do that he thought of removing the Pandits out of harms’ way. But that ended his second term in office as governor.

Modi committed many historic blunders. He not only abrogated Article 370 on August 5th and appoint GC Murmu whom he had used as Chief Minister of Gujarat to help him to be technically and legally safe in the genocide and fake encounters cases that he had brought about of the Muslims in his own state.  Or else, Modi’s place was along with GD Vanzara in the Taloja new prison.

So many warnings and portents were ignored and now the fateful step to vacate the non-natives from Kashmir! No doubt scrapping Article 370 was wrong and on top of it, Citizenship Amendment Act was thrust on unwilling Muslims, It was not just in Kashmir but throughout India. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi were hell-bent on depriving all the amenities that should have been provided to the Kashmiris. Flagrant hateful acts against the minority are simply unethical, to say the least. Indian Muslims are not an insignificant minority that you can simply dismiss in sealing the fate of the country. They are quite sizable and the greatest minority at that. Of course, Modi has a Muslim in his cabinet who is a parrot for all weather in responding tit for tat.

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Mehbooba Mufti warned the nation that it would be late. That fell on deaf ears, but visuals of the naked corpse of the aged Geelani were disrespectfully treated in full view of the camera!

Such actions are detestable

It came very easy as a political sleight of the hand to ascribe to ISI whatever violence takes place in India including Kashmir. The quiddity of blaming Pakistan is seen in such Hobbesian move: “U have destroyed the oldest and biggest Buddha in Bamyan Afghanistan, now ur worshipping this Lala Muneer, head of a five-member group of practicing Buddhists from Naushahro Feroze in Sindh, was quoted saying that there were around 650 families of practicing Buddhists in different districts of rural Sindh, including Ghotki, Sanghar, Khairpur, Nawabshah and Naushahro Feroze.

There is no temple or Stupa for them to offer their religious rituals”, he said. This developing tit for tat is a Hobbesian trap. It assumes another dimension when Modi is inaugurating today October 19, 2021, an airport, especially for Buddhists. If the Buddhists in Pakistan are so scarce, are they in such a thumping majority that are rushing to form a queue for buying tickets for watching a Buddhist monastery on the Indian side of Kashmir?

Similarly, the CNN-News18 anchor Manoj Gupta’s investing so much value in Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai is understandable for his Shero was in Dehradoon Military academy also has innate experience of how the biased section of Indian society treats Indian Muslims and flatters the causal foreign visitors. Indian PM Modi is another bidder for the top slot with his offer of 50,000 megaton wheat for the Afghan wretched poor.  Why this rush where even angels fear to tread? India of course is much bigger than Pakistan and is more resourceful. What is more India’s putting the killing of Habibullah Akhundzada at the door of Pakistan is fishing in troubled water!

In holy books, the Almighty sends plagues which are referred to as visitation of the divine anger as a punishment from God. Today, we have modern-day Neros and Pharaohs. In that way, the God of the Jews showed that He was mightier than the Egyptian gods. Sometimes, the rulers like Pharaohs are punished for their sins. The pellet guns that even Israelis junked were lying unused when the Indian army chose to buy them and use them on its own people. Israel had no qualms in selling them for monetary consideration.

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Their counterparts in the Indian government had tacitly seen the devastation of Palestinians in recent days and would emulate the Israelis. But there is a difference: the Israelis are operating in occupied land that belonged to Palestinians. Kashmir acceded to India by signing an instrument of accession. The modalities of the accession have not been accurately gone through. The plebiscite was never implemented, nor were the intruders pushed back from what later came to be known as Pak occupied Kashmir. PM Jawaharlal Nehru took the matter to the UN for which he was condemned by the right-wing.

Many painful events have happened since the accession

Jagmohan’s tenure, Chittisingpora massacre of Sikhs, 1989 violence, the Azadi uprising, militancy, assassination of Kashmiri leaders, the award of money and medal to police and army for killing terrorists in Kashmir who turned out to be innocent in numerous cases. The worst was to come. Instead of healing touch, arrived the pellet guns. PM Narendra Modi checkmated everything, moves and strategies to solve the Kashmir problem by bringing in terrorism.

On a Friday, August 12, 2016, all-party meet in Delhi he remarked: “Terrorism is the basis of tension in Kashmir and it is being supported by a neighbour.” As if that was not enough of a punch, the PM went further “Pakistan forgets that it is bombing its own people. The time has come for Pakistan to tell the world why it has been committing atrocities on people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Balochistan.”

So, terrorism must be countered by state terrorism! In the name of counterterrorism, of course. And in the 11th East Asia conference on September 8, 2016, he reprimanded humiliated Pakistan for deflecting attention from the situation in Kashmir. “There is one country in our neighbourhood whose competitive advantage rests solely in producing and exporting terrorism. “The former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh had admitted Indian role in Balochistan in the non-aligned meet in the Egyptian port city of Sharm al-sheik for which he was criticized by one and all.

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.