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Monday, July 15, 2024

Modi orders against Muslims exposed in horrific video of Assam

The gut-wrenching video of a man in Assam being ruthlessly beaten by Indian forces has sparked outrage on social media platforms. Such an incident once again highlighted how Muslims in India are treated both by civilians and government authorities.

Muslims in India continue to bear the brunt of the Hindutva ideology as reports of atrocities against Muslims surface on social media.

Recently, a video of a Muslim settlement in Gujrat being burned to the ground emerged on Twittter. The video shows how the Modi regime treats Muslims in India.


Furthermore, a horrific video of Indian police brutally attacking villagers in Assam is taking social media by storm. The video exposed the Modi government’s treatment of Muslims as Assam is the second largest Muslim populated state in India.

As per the video, originally shot on 20th September, policemen, including a government-appointed photographer, ganged up and mercilessly beat an individual in Assam.

The video shows that a man charged at the police with a stick in hand. Apparently, the man spooked the police and they ruthlessly shot him in the chest and then thrashed him.

The most shocking bit was the involvement of the photographer. In the viral video, the photographer jumped on the body of the man. He even punched the man bleeding on the ground.

According to reports, the police were on an eviction drive ordered by the government against illegal encroachers in Assam. As per Indian media, at least two people were shot dead, while 20 others were injured.

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Interestingly, the police defended their actions and claimed self-defense. They said that they negotiated with the illegal settlers; however, some miscreants ambushed the police.

After the video went viral, calls came of taking strict action against the government-appointed photographer. As per recent Indian media reports, the police arrested the photographer.

Reaction to the incident

The gut-wrenching video sparked outrage on social media platforms as netizens slammed Indian police forces.

Even Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi shared the video earlier today on his Twitter account and slammed India.

In the post, the PTI Minister questioned India’s claims of being “incredible,” since an incredible state does not subject its citizens to such brutality. Moreover, he also likened Indian PM Modi to Hitler.

“Under Hitler Modi, it is nothing more than a cheap slogan. He converted it into barbaric India,” Ali Haider Zaidi tweeted.


Consequently, the incident did not sit well with many Indians who demanded justice for the people in Assam. They severely criticized the Modi government and its treatment of Muslims in India.

To sum up, Muslims in India face severe atrocities. Most of the time, authorities do nothing to ease their suffering. Recently, a mob beat up a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh.

The mob beat up the man, identified as Aftar Ahmad, and forced him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. This happened while the police looked on.

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