Modi, Trump and Imran Khan: Challenges at home and abroad?

Trump's refusal to condemn Pakistan from New Delhi, a clear break from the past US policy, was a major set back to Modi's politics of hate and hegemony. RSS/BJP violent actions on streets all across India have evaporated the shine from "Glorious India" - This is time for Imran Khan to reorganise his unimpressive team and work towards a bigger and positive role for Pakistan on the global stage.

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It is spring sprouting all around for Pakistan and the vivid show of the silver lining on the horizons of international relations. The Modi saga of international diplomacy is seized to the double strife of CAA and NRC which are tearing India apart into communal violence which does not seem pausing in any near future.

 Deteriorating image of India: Prospects for Pakistan

The Trump’s disgruntle of Modi’s wish casting Pakistan as terror manufacturing country and Pakistan’s aggrandized responsibility in the US-Taliban Peace deal and its critical role in intra Afghan talks cultivate ever so fertile grounds for Pakistan in making land sliding diplomatic makeovers.

The success of tapping these opportunities would rely heavily on the government’s ability of manoeuvring home politics though some political give and takes as to be all attentive to seizing the seas of diplomatic opportunities which time and space has offered Pakistan at these fateful crossroads of time.

So long as Modi was not perturbed by homegrown issues, as during his first tenure, he championed the art of Governance both at home and abroad

Politics is an art of flexibilities and not departures from ideas and the government must realize the big international gains and must not compromise them at the expense of petty internal political gains.

We must learn from the bigot Modi in our neighbourhood. So long as Modi was not perturbed by homegrown issues, as during his first tenure, he championed the art of Governance both at home and abroad.

With the innate material of utmost bigotry which Modi is wholly made up of, he came to materialize his wildest ever dreams of ‘Hinduising’ anything and everything through his ill placed and ill-timed Citizenship Amendment Act which is now turning out to be his ultimate political death.

This provided the opportunity for both the opposition and the liberal Indians to openly draw antagonistic parallels with Modi. So, there is the glorious liberal India today fondling itself through the ashes of communal polarization.

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Caught amidst such quagmire, Modi hardly can look up anything other than domestic issues. He is getting denser into this communal swamp which is burying the liberal India. Moral: Always keep your home in order.

The internal political skirmishes would down tone the sublime international political and diplomatic buoyancy especially at such a time when there are liberal opportunities for Pakistan to explore and excel foreign relations as becoming a significant political agent to Asia and the world.

The Trump’s stirring support of Pakistan at such elemental time holds a serious geo-political meaning. Trump is heavily relying on Pakistan in giving USA a safe and honourable exit from Afghanistan with the assurance that Afghan affairs are left to Afghans without any political manoeuvres from Pakistan as practiced in the past.

USA is way too concerned of the value of its exit from Afghanistan in leaving behind a peaceful country rather than an ephemeral peaceful Iraq. Peace in Afghanistan is invariably something which only Pakistan can guarantee, and this seems to have been assured as Trump came out with blanket support towards Pakistan in his 36 hours of cultural tour of India.

The Indian role in post US Afghanistan will not be as significant as could be expected given their animosity with the Dostum-Abdullah couple. Besides, Pakistan has an edge on reaching out both to Dostum and Ghani camps and can clamp down the cold political riots currently happening between them. The Ghani-Abdullah thaw must be eased out so to pamper an environment for intra Afghan and Taliban talks and subsequent building of peaceful government in Afghanistan.

What Pakistan should do?

Pakistan must go beyond the conventional diplomacy in striking strategic and economic deals with important countries in the region for enhanced geo-strategic and economic reach outs.

The Pak-Turkey relations must be formalized in the geo-econometrical columns which will provide Pakistan with diplomatic appeasement from the European Union. The Pak-Malay and Indonesian relations must be hyphenated in relation to the so-called Indo-Pacific region where Pakistan has significant oceanic reach out in hosting the strategic pivots of Gwadar and Karachi.

Pakistan must go beyond the conventional diplomacy in striking strategic and economic deals with important countries in the region for enhanced geo-strategic and economic reach outs

The Look East Policy in relation with China must be carefully followed in the wake of American apprehensions of the Sino-Pak relations which is something that could be capitalized upon in even bringing US and China together though soft and smart diplomacy.

The Pak-Bangladesh relations have seen stalemate from decades whereas there could be strong trade ties between the two countries, but these diplomatic relations are resting under the dusts of disinterestedness from the Pakistani side.

Similar are the relations which are soldering in the case of Srilanka with which Pakistan relations were very agile in the not so distant a past. Pak-Japan relations are good enough but need to be scaled up to next levels where too the Sino-Pak factor must be carefully measured.

The Indian fever must end now with Modi busy with internal chaos which will take a long time to settle. The Modi’s ‘Global Strategic Partnership’ with the US is only a farce which was not even once mentioned by Trump during his visit or at the joint statement or at the press conference either.

The term is good enough but only to coddle the insomniac Modi as a good bedtime story without any material substance and significance. It is Modi’s paranoid alone hallucinating him of having become a Global Power whereas it is the rudimentary political chaos and communal divisiveness of abstract and heatedly oriented Hindutva which is consuming the colossal Idea of India.

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It is a generative time and one bristling with opportunities for Pakistan to act and strike in a robust manner to erect edifices of strong bilateral and multilateral relations and alliances with the countries through vibrant and calculated international diplomacy and Mr. Qureshi has the mantle and the guts to complement this job.

All that would be required of the government would be a little political liberation and leniency to adopt at home, reshuffling in the government chambers in terms of ministerial portfolios and a little domestic give and take which would have high returns on the international levels for Pakistan.

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar is a civil servant and socio-political analyst based in Quetta works for the government of Balochistan. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space. 


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