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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Modi’s inability to critically think matters is satanic revenge from hell

In all this, the priority is to secure control of Hindus over the property. In contrast, it has violated many human rights of the people who were victims of the genocide.

There is no balance of wisdom in PM Narendra Modi. Either he is facilely imitating for the physical appearance of Swami Vivekanand to celebrate some anniversary in the future or trying to stage a retreat into a monastery, as it is his won’t. Foot and mouth disease of cows exciting unlettered and obscene reply not from him alone but the horde, which follows up in its misplaced zeal of his. There is no mizane hikma or balance of wisdom, which you find in al-Biruni. His satraps like the chief minister of MP Suraj Pratap Singh and Pragyasingh Thakur go to the verge of making a laughing stock of India. It contrasts with the pioneering invention in the vaccine against the coronavirus by Poonawala.

A fanatic would sabotage such a premier center of relentless endeavor. The prime minister leads from the front as the laboratory is bellowing smoke as if Israel has bombed Syria or Beirut. The Sabarmati Express was burnt from within but he invented that it was burnt from outside. In the background is a strange venture that government buildings would be sanitized by cow urine phenyl. That is a great advance made by the “cow cabinet”. This is antipodal to the quintessential of critical thinking.

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There is no tafakkur or contemplating, tadhakur or taking of heart, tadabur or pondering, tafaququ or contemplating or nadhar or considering, it’tibar or ranking a lesson, tawassum or reflecting. Asking questions is a means of precise comprehension. Modi never held a press conference. He passed it to his lieutenant Amit Shah, the so-called chankya of the termite era.

He is made of the stuff of prevarication. He was unable to clean his image and suffered dehydration. He refused to throw light on what transpired in the meeting at his official residence. He hid from the public that he had a wife until the right to information at filing nomination form at election forced him to name her. What he spoke to Ahsan Jafri is still Gordon’s knot to cut. He challenged Sonia Gandhi to prosecute him for killing Sohrabuddin beating his 56-inch chest. Essentially he is gloomy, saturnine, and forbidding!

Rajdharm is façade: Modi lied to PM Vajpayee

There is of course consistency in the violence in the Gujarat genocide and the fake encounters. They are the two sides of the same coin made in Hindutva mint. Bajrangi was so awed by the bold step Modi had taken for such a daredevil work that he called his chief minister a real man (mard aadmi hai). Like master like a servant. His most trusted cop was Vanzara who has been now known for having killed many in fake encounters for which he was in jail for several years and proudly says that he had performed manly work (murdowala kaam).

Like master like servant. Modi has been performing fasting session full ten years later. There is no atonement nor is there any remorse for what he did. Vanzara was busy with Gita program. He passed an examination in Gandhian philosophy of nonviolence and is propagating grey cloth for the people. Gandhi used to weave grey cloth or khaadi on his spinning wheel and so he is doing it as a penance, perhaps. He got distinction in the examination, as he stood first with seventy marks scored in the same examination. Is this a section of rajdharm?

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Modi was never honest with himself. Prevarication is the stuff he is made of. He never tried to tell the truth of the meeting at his residence preceding the pogroms in 2002 or what he spoke to Ahsan Jafri.

Yes, plastic surgery was in the Hanuman era. There was no logic when a glass of water lying on the table and still he demanded one from Karan Thapar.

Al-Biruni worked with several rulers and was meritorious and objective and scientific because of critical thinking while Gujarat rulers of yore invited Mehmud Gaznavi to plunder the Somnath temple.

Lack of critical thinking

Modi government has introduced bills and passed them into law that discriminates against Muslims. For example, a Muslim landlord cannot evict his premises if Hindus occupy them. Transportation of animals or meat is forbidden. The new regulations also stipulate how transactions of property should take place in disturbed areas. In all this, the priority is to secure control of Hindus over the property. In contrast, it has violated many human rights of the people who were victims of the genocide.

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The showbiz of the Gujarat chief minister Modi inviting China’s president to visit was that Gujarat has left even India behind in its march of development. That he can have a direct talk with the Chinese leaders in order to earn a fast buck. This proved disastrous for India. His reckoning shows he has no critical thinking.

Critical thinking is objective and scientific while Modi using Newtonian law as justification is satanic revenge from hell. Equally so is sacrificing innocent Ishrat Jahan: it proved to sacrifice of her at the altar of Hindu Moloch.

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.