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Thursday, April 18, 2024

MoIP proposes Ramazan relief package of Rs6.37

Ministry of Industries and Production has sent a proposal for a Rs6.37 billion relief package for essential items in Ramadan. The low-priced items would be offered at utility stores all over the country.

The government is planning to introduce a mega-relief package during Ramazan. To work on this, the Ministry of Industries and Production (MOIP) has sent a proposal to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for the relief package of Rs. 6.37 billion.

According to the summary, sugar will be sold at Rs68 per kg, wheat flour at Rs800 per 20kg, ghee at Rs200 per kg.

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Moreover, a Rs50 subsidy will be given on tea, Rs20 on milk, and Rs10-50 subsidy has been proposed on 19 essential items.

The package would drop the prices of 14 essential items by 10pc to 15pc at utility stores, besides the sale of five items at subsidized rates.

It is proposed to give a subsidy of Rs. 20 per kg on dates, Rs. 10 per kg on basmati and sesame rice. Rice will also get Rs. 12 per kg.

A subsidy of Rs. 25 per 1500 ml and Rs. 20 per 800 ml has been proposed for the beverage bottles.

Currently, wheat flour, sugar, banaspati ghee, rice, and three pulses; gram, moong, and mash, are subsidized since January 8, 2021, under the special relief package announced by the prime minister.

A subsidy of Rs. 20 per kg has been proposed for edible oil and Rs. 15 per kg for gram pulses, while Rs. 10,10 per kg has been proposed for two varieties of lentils.

The utility stores are currently selling ghee and oil at a subsidized rate of 170-175 Rs/Kg and Rs/liter respectively, compared to the market retail rate ranging between 250-300.

However recently, the government has already increased these rates to Rs200 per kg/liter and the new rates are likely to be implemented along with the Ramzan package.

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The Ramazan relief package will be active on 1st April and continue till 15th of May.