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Friday, July 19, 2024

Money Heist actress stands in solidarity with Gaza

"It's hard for me to come and celebrate anything without remembering what's happening in Palestine," stated “Money Heist” actress Alba Flores.

At the Goya Awards ceremony on Saturday, numerous prominent Spanish actors, writers, directors, and celebrities expressed solidarity with Palestine and urged for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Whether on the red carpet, in the audience, or during acceptance speeches, many attendees were spotted wearing stickers featuring an illustration of a watermelon with the word Gaza and the slogan, “Stop arms trade, ceasefire now.”

Esteemed actress and singer Ana Belen, honored with the Goya of Honour Award in 2017 for her extensive career in the Spanish film industry, displayed the sticker on her palm, directing it towards the photographers.

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Director and writer Estibaliz Urresola, who received her first Goya for Best New Director for the film “20,000 Species of Bees,” delivered an impassioned speech on stage while wearing the Gaza badge, emphasizing her stance on Palestine.

“If this film communicates anything, it’s the importance of addressing things directly,” she stated. “I also want to use this platform to address the ongoing genocide in Gaza and urge our governments to intervene.”

Actress Penelope Cruz, adorned with the Gaza badge atop her Chanel haute couture dress, attended the event, recalling her previous signing of an open letter in 2014 condemning Israel’s military actions in Gaza, along with her husband Javier Bardem and other Spanish film figures.

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Alba Flores, renowned for her roles as Saray Vargas in “Locked Up” and Nairobi in “Money Heist,” also sported the Gaza badge and voiced her reflections on the current conflict.

“In these somber times, with 30,000 lives lost, it’s challenging to partake in celebration,” she expressed. “Hopefully, meaningful actions can be taken by the government.”