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Friday, June 28, 2024

More MG cars are coming to Pakistan!

MG cars stuck at the Karachi port are being released. Moreover, the company has placed an order for 5200 MG cars from SAIC motors China.

We all have seen the pictures of MG stuck at the Karachi port. Well, the good news is that these cars are going to reach the buyers soon. According to Pakwheels, a court has ordered the cars to be released under Section 81. This section deals with the difference in valuation of a product between two parties, case in point, Customs and MG Motors Pakistan.

The customs department had stopped these cars because of the difference in valuation. However, MG Pakistan approached the court and got the order to get the cars released under section 80.

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The court also ordered the company to submit a Pay Order which would probably be of the difference between the valuations as the Customs Department claims. If Customs wins the case, they will cash the pay order, otherwise, MG will get the Pay Order back.

While the legal battle continues, the customers will get their much-awaited vehicles, as the court verdict has the vehicles released from the Karachi Port.

Regarding the difference in value, customers should not be worried as MG Motors, if they lose the case, is the only party that is liable to pay the difference. This means customers just get their cars and get on with enjoying them, without any liability.

However, customers should read the delivery forms to find a discrepancy, if any, in the prices or terms agreed with the company. Check the fine print to be sure.

5200 MGs Coming to Pakistan

In other news, three banks have issued Letter of Credits (LCs) for 5,200 MG cars. According to Pakwheels, the Meezan Bank has issued LCs for 2600 Completely Built Units (CBUs), while Bank Al-Habib and Alfalah Bank combined have issued LCs for 2600 MG cars.

LCs are bank guarantees for buyers in importing countries given to sellers on behalf of buyers. This is important in international trade as it facilitates trading for buyers and assures sellers of the safety of trade in another country. LCs mean, SAIC motors will soon be dispatching the vehicles.

Reportedly, JSW group, owners of MG Pakistan have paid the banks in cash to obtain LCs so that delivery is not delayed.

Both these updates mean Pakistan will soon be seeing a lot of MGs in showrooms and on roads.

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All the while CEO MG Pakistan, Mr. Javed Afridi shared a powerful teaser of MG6 sedan with the caption, “MG6 XPOWER”.

We don’t know what this means for MG Pakistan yet, but things are definitely looking up for the Pakistani automobile industry.