MQM-P threatens to leave the coalition government led by Shehbaz Sharif

MNAs of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement Pakistan lashed out at the government for their non-serious response to the demands of MQM-P.

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Engineer Sabir Hussain Qaimkhani while addressing the session of national assembly on Wednesday said “I have been elected by the people of my constituency not to beg in front of these people” referring to the coalition government. He criticized the ministers of the PDM government in strong words for their non-serious and disrespectful attitude.

“Due to one person here [who he did not name] the basic needs of Hyderabad are not being fulfilled, the airport is shut, PIA office is shut and the railway line meet regular accidents including bomb blasts” Qaimkhani said. “No one is being held responsible for the losses suffered by the railway and national airline in the last three and a half months”, he further added.

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He also criticized the ministers of the coalition government for not even bothering to attend the sessions of national assembly, “the ministers don’t even bother to attend the session of national assembly” he said.

“The ministers are not even present here, in protest to their attitude and statements I walk out”, he said before staging a walk out from the national assembly.

Lastly he said neither the assembly, nor the government can function in presence of such ministers.

Adding on to the statement of Qaimkhani, Sheikh Salahuddin said if MQM keep getting such insincere and non-serious response, they would not hesitate in leaving the government. “If we keep getting this sort of [insincere and non-serious] response, we won’t hesitate in crossing the aisle [to sit on the opposition benches]”.

“We are facing the consequences of the heavy political price that we have paid”, he added referring to the support they lent to the incumbent government during its formation. MQM-P was a part of the PTI-led government, they switched alliance in support of then-opposition during the no-confidence vote against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The statements of the parliamentarians of MQM-P is a manifestation of the growing frustration of the party over the failure of the government to fulfill the promises made to them. Everyday such statements are coming forward from various members of the weak coalition government which points to the fissures within the government.

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It is pertinent to note that the coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif just have a margin of two votes in the national assembly, hence in case MQM-P decides to leave the PDM government it can lead to the collapse of the whole government.

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