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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

MQM-Pakistan slams Altaf Hussain for seeking help from Indian PM Modi

In response to a Video message posted by MQM London on 23rd March, Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) issued a statement on Saturday, condemning Altaf Hussian for asking help from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Farooq Sattar, a senior leader of MQM-P, expressed that anyone who loves Pakistan can never ask for ‘help’ from a man who is notorious for anti-Pakistan views and for killing thousands of Muslims known as the ‘butcher of Gujrat’.

Farooq Sattar’s statement said: “Our forefathers had not only been in the forefront of the movement for creation of Pakistan but also sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives in this regard. Muhajirs always took pride in being Pakistanis and the hearts of their children beat for the beloved motherland.”

Altaf Hussain said in his video message, posted on MQM-L’s official social media platforms on 23rd March, that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should help the Muhajir minority to be given rights in Pakistan.

Speaking in London, he said Modi should raise his voice for Pakistani Muhajirs and people of Balochistan. He went on to say that migration was a ‘big mistake’ of the forefathers.

“Our forefathers made a big mistake and migrated to Pakistan, but we were born here, and were never accepted as Pakistani or sons of soil. Prime Minister you should have raised your voice against the atrocities, discrimination and brutality against Urdu speaking ‘muhajirs’, your own people in Karachi,” he said.

This isn’t the first time when Altaf gave controversial statements. Last year, 2016, Altaf Hussain chanted anti-Pakistan slogans during his telephonic address after which his speeches were banned from electronic media. During this speech, Altaf Hussain also openly threatened media houses and asked the electrified crowd to attack those media houses which don’t support Altaf Hussain.

Finally, after his controversial statements against Pakistan Army and the State of Pakistan, MQM senior leaders in Pakistan parted ways from MQM-London. Farooq Sattar, a loyal supporter of Altaf Hussain, is currently heading the anti-Altaf MQM-Pakistan.

Farooq Sattar has said that the whole fiasco has been concocted as a conspiracy to cast doubt over mohajirs’ love and dedication to Pakistan.

The recent remarks of Altaf Hussain, asking for Indian help – particularly from PM Modi, has aroused outrage from many segments in Pakistan. Farooq Sattar has said that the whole fiasco has been concocted as a conspiracy to cast doubt over Muhajir’s love and dedication to Pakistan.

Hussain, who has been living in self-exile in London, for last two decades and is a British national, has been successful until recently, in keeping control over the MQM as a representative of Muhajirs.