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Friday, May 17, 2024

Mr. PM don’t worry, Pakistan is ready for India: Gen Bajwa assures Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the nation that they will be defended and secured in case of any misadventures from Indian armed forces in Azad Kashmir. Pakistan armed forces are ready and determined to annihilate India’s assault on Pakistan, assured Gen Bajwa to PM Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the nation that Pakistan Army is ‘ready’ to annihilate India’s mischievous misadventures at the LoC in Azad Kashmir. He made these assertions during a public rally in Pind Dadan Khan.

During his speech, Khan asserted that Gen Bajwa has guaranteed him that Pakistan’s armed forces are fully prepared to protect the country from India’s possible assault. ‘Pak Army is ready for India’ Khan quoted Gen Bajwa as saying in his speech.

PM Khan slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for using Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan as a pretext to deflect the attention of disgruntled Indians from the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act.

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“I am telling you now, Modi will use this [protests in India] to do something in Azad Kashmir,” said the prime minister. “I informed Gen Bajwa about this and he told me that the Pakistan Army is ready for India.”

He, however, said that Indians will stand up against Modi and bust his bigoted government. Not only Muslims but Christian, Hindus, and Sikhs will also join the onslaught on Narendra Modi’s government, said Khan.

Counterfeit flag operation

Earlier, on December 21st, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to his widely followed official Twitter account to apprise the world about the intentions of New Delhi to attack Azad Kashmir.

Adding that India may potentially go for a counterfeit flag operation on LoC in Kashmir to deflect the global attention from CAA. Khan reiterated that Pakistan’s armed forces will give a befitting response to any misadventures from Indian forces.

PM Khan repeated that he has been alerting the international community for a considerable time that India under the fascist regime of Narendra Modi is moving towards the theocratization of India for the erection of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

The continuous siege in Kashmir since August, following the revocation of Article 370 and 35-A combined with the introduction of CAA has exposed the fascist ideology of India’s ruling party, BJP.

On December 18th, India’s General Bipin Rawat asserted that the situation along the LoC can escalate at any time. ‘We are prepared for a response along with the retaliatory matrix.’

His statement stirred suspicion in Pakistan, where Imran Khan censured Indian armed forces and BJP for stirring war hysteria in the region. Adding that with the surge in the protests against CAB, the risks of attacks on Azad Kashmir by India have also mounted.

DG ISPR also discussed Indian Army chief’s Gen Bipin Rawat’s statement on his Twitter account. DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor, in a tweet, criticized New Delhi’s attempt to drive the attention from the mass protests across India.

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News reports further revealed that India has deployed the unit of BrahMos, the medium-range ramjet supersonic cruise missiles in Jammu Kashmir alongside LoC. The BrahMos missile has an extended range of 600-Km that implies that it can destroy half of the Pakistani territory alongside Azad Kashmir.

However, Pakistan Armed forces have assured that they are closely monitoring the movement at the LoC and are prepared to give a befitting response to foil India’s misadventures.