Mufti Qavi grabs attention with another controversial video

Mufti Qavi's explicit video has been leaked on social media. The controversial video has sparked a debate among netizens as they discuss whether or not clerics can be trusted anymore as recently many clerics are being exposed for sexual misconduct.

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Mufti Abdul Qavi, a controversial figure, has once again grabbed the attention following the circulation of his leaked video on Tuesday.

His bizarre video went viral on Twitter. Mufti Abdul Qavi could be seen half-naked in the video purportedly in a video chat. He is being trended atop on social media since Wednesday morning. The unpleasant video has been garnering negative reactions from netizens on social media.

The video, however, has triggered a debate on the actions of clerics following the sudden surfacing of videos of sexual misconduct by them with students in and out of seminaries.

Mufti Qavi is already a controversial figure having being caught with females in objectionable videos in the past. TikTok star Hareem Shah also slammed him in a video for harassing her.

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Hareem Shah exposing Mufti Qavi

He is also associated with the infamous incident of Qandeel Baloch. A few days back a video went viral in which Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Qavi. In a recent interview, Hareem Shah revealed the reason behind slapping Mufti Qavi.

Hareem Shah mentioned that “Mufti Qavi had been invited to shoot for a TV program in Karachi and all his travel and accommodation expenses were paid by me. Mufti Qavi was doing vulgar conversation and everything”.

“After that Mufti Qavi physically harassed me. In return, I and my cousin slapped and started beating him. The purpose of making this video was only to show his real face in front of the people. He was continuously passing vulgar comments”, added Hareem.


Earlier, a video of him dancing with the woman went viral on social media. Qavi had categorically denied the veracity of the video. “This video of me dancing with the Korean woman is fake,” he told The News correspondent Nadeem Shah.

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He claimed that a ‘lobby’ has been active against him ever since he issued “strong statements against Indian premier Narendra Modi for subjecting Kashmiris to inhumane torture and killing innocent people in the [Indian occupied] Kashmir valley.”