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Friday, September 22, 2023

Muhammad Rizwan gives a special message from Pak-Afghan border

Muhammad Rizwan is among the celebrated top Pakistani players. The player has been in news for his smashing performances last year.

Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan has given a special message from his visit to the Pak-Afghan border. The star cricketer took to Twitter and appealed to his fans and followers to help the distressed people of Afghanistan.

The cricketer had visited the Pak-Afghan border with the former cricketer and coach, Saqlain Mushtaq. “The brave people of Afghanistan are in dire need of our help. They need food, shelter, warm clothes, medicines, etc. It was an eye-opening experience to witness the situation at the Pak-Afg border with @Mushy_online . Plz contribute & help the ummah of the beloved Prophet, PBUH,” said Muhammad Rizwan in a tweet.

Muhammad Rizwan is among the celebrated top Pakistani players. The player has been in news for his religious inclination and smashing performances last year.

Rizwan had garnered praise when he came out to the T20I World Cup semifinal against Australia despite being admitted to ICU due to a severe chest infection.

The doctor who treated Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan in the ICU says his recovery was a miracle. Wicket-keeper batsman Rizwan had been admitted to the hospital for two days after developing a serious infection.

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Indian doctor had treated him and was amazed at the grit and determination showed by Muhammad Rizwan in recovering and playing for the team.

“I want to play. I want to be with the team,” were the words Muhammad Rizwan told the doctors while being in ICU. “Rizwan had a strong desire to play for his nation in the crucial knockout match. He was strong, determined, and confident. I am astonished at the pace he had recovered,” said Dr. Saheer Sainalabdeen, a special pulmonologist at Medeor Hospital in Dubai.

Rizwan was admitted to the hospital after he developed severe retrosternal chest pain mimicking cardiac pain and breathing difficulty. Earlier his video of preaching in Pashto had gone viral on social media.