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Monday, July 15, 2024

Muhammad Rizwan reveals he waited eight years for his love marriage

Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan surprises his fans as he opens up about his eight-year-long wait for his love marriage.

In an interview that went viral on social media, Rizwan opened up about shocking details of his marriage. He said that he waited for eight years to marry the girl of his choice. Though he did not reveal many details, he did reveal that it was not an arranged marriage but a love marriage.

“We have with us today a man who not only loved [a person] but in fact prayed for her daily for eight years along with Quranic recitations,” the person said while asking Rizwan to share his story. Sitting beside him, Babar Azam jokingly said,

“I had to wait for eight years and had to pray to Allah every day for it,” he added.

“Every time, I’m discussed, this is your time [to share your story]”.

“I’m just praying for you [Babar to get married],” Rizwan replied as the duo shared a lighter moment between them.

“What kind of a question have you asked? Everyone knows a love story is filled with difficulties and in our Pathan culture, even more so,” a hesitant Rizwan said.

Rizwan added that her family did not agree to his proposal and hence he prayed earnestly to get married to her.

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“I was sure at that time that whatever I ask from Allah, he will not return me empty-handed,” Rizwan concluded.

The video of the surprising revelation by Muhammad Rizwan instantly went viral on social media. He is seen constantly encouraging Babar Azam to get married. Currently, the most discussed topic is the marriage of Babar Azam.

As per the latest revelation by Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan, former skipper Babar Azam is set to tie the knot soon.

In an interview with a local journalist, Rizwan said that he has encouraged several Pakistani players including Shadab Khan and Shaheen Shah Afridi to get married. He is also convincing Babar Azam to tie the knot, and he is expected to get married soon.

In a brief interview, Rizwan stressed the importance of getting married. The captain of the PSL franchise Multan Sultans added that marriage has significance in religion Islam too. It is a blissful relationship and Babar Azam should tie the knot soon.