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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Mumbai attacks were a betrayal of India: Elias Davidson

Parvez Jamil Mir (PJ Mir) |

This interview of Elias Davidson was conducted by PJ Mir and has been published here with his permission

Pakistan has been continuously blamed for attacks on Mumbai, but in fact, they (India) have played this card all over the world. This is one of the reasons Pakistan has been put on the FATF Gray List. I have Elias Davidson, who has written a book “Betrayal of India.” Elias is a Palestinian Jew but lived in Ice Land. Now he lives in Germany and comes to Britain frequently.

PJ Mir: What prompted you to go into this investigation of the false flag which India has been flying all over the world?

Elias Davidson:  In 2002, I discovered, to my surprise, that the official story about 9/11 was a lie. I got a book from a French author who opened my eyes that there was something fishy about that. At the time, I did not know very much, but I was very curious. So I began to research my self- what was it all about? We were told that 19 Muslim hijackers attacked the United States. I began, like any investigator, who were these people? What was the evidence? I was surprised because I could not find any evidence.

I kept reading all the newspapers’ reports and then later I got to read some FBI documents which were released in 2009 about the interviews of witnesses and security officials made on the day of 9/11. I could not find a single piece where someone could witness that these people were seen at the airports. There were no authentic passenger lists. The dead bodies were not identified. So basically, we have a story that is completely a fairy tale about 19 hijackers attacked the U.S. On that basis, the U.S. made a war of aggression against Afghanistan. So we have heard a monumental lie which the planners succeeded to bamboozle the entire mankind.

PJ Mir: The same thing you would say was used in Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Davidson: It is true. In the case of Iraq, not everybody counted on the lie. However, the entire world did not stand behind that lie. On 12 September 2001, Security Council adopted unanimously a resolution condemning the attack. There is nothing special about the resolution but the preamble, which reminds the UNSC about the countries’ right to self-defense. What has this to do in the resolution? The provision was put in to give a yellow light to attack Afghanistan and this was done unanimously by the Security Council.

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PJ Mir: What prompted you to uncover the false news?

Elias Davidson: After I had discovered that 9/11 was a government operation, I began researching the other terrorist attacks blamed on Muslims. I began with London attacks on 7 of July and came to the case of Mumbai. It was just an attempt to basically find all these attacks had the same strategy, same forensic elements. For example, the alleged attackers, in most of the cases, died in the attacks and not apprehended which was very interesting. FBI acknowledged that there was no connection between OBL and 9/11.

PJ Mir: You have written Israel profited from this.

Elias Davidson:  I don’t think Israel profited the most rather it profited more the Indian upper class. This is my conclusion.

PJ Mir: What was their motive?

Elias Davidson: There are different reasons. First of all, India is a very poor country so there is a need for the upper class to keep the lower classes submissive. For that reason, India has to institute a police state. The process of the police state was proceeding in India before the Mumbai attack. Mumbai attack was a heavy punch forward. This institution of the police state in India is working together with American firms and officials. India is becoming a kind of laboratory for the institution of a comprehensive police state.

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PJ Mir: Do you think this was one of the plans for isolating the Muslim world particularly Pakistan?

Elias Davidson:  Pakistan was not the target. The target was to get India into this imperialist camp. (I am talking about the motives of the U.S.). The U.S. had been trying putting Indian politicians to move into the American camp, but there was resistance in India to do so. Mumbai provided the U.S. a facility when the interior minister in India was changed with a pro-American interior minister after the attack. The new interior minister himself said that the attack provided a boast to American-Indian relations. So it is clear that the U.S. tried to get India into it. I believe the U.S. had its hands in the Mumbai attack.

PJ Mir: There is a general feeling that you have written this book at the instigation of the enemies of these countries?

Elias Davidson: Anybody, who makes this allegation, will have to provide any proof. I am a Jew and respect Judaism. Since I was young, I am opposed to Zionism. I worked for a just peace in Palestine. I did not receive money from any government or party with one exception – the Red Cross gave me once grant to study the relations between economic sanctions and human rights. So anybody, who accused me of trying to help India’s enemies, has not read my book and have no knowledge of my life.

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PJ Mir: What point you reach to conclude that LeT, Pakistan, even ISI were not involved in this entire false flag operation?

Elias Davidson:  First of all, I proceeded forensically. I did not begin by deciding that who attacked? I did not know. I went there with a blank mind. I knew very little about the conflict between India and Pakistan. For me, it was just one case like other cases. When I proceeded, I found the material which was available. I thought that the material worth writing a book. Slowly, I started piling up and it became a book, but the first work I did was forensic trying to find out who did what and what time, who were the witnesses? After that, I asked myself who profited from it.

I was not assisted by local Indians expect indirectly to quote the Indian journalists and papers extensively. I quote the court documents of Ajmal Kasab extensively (both lower and appeal court). I used older material which is available. This is a forensic approach which showed me that no institution in India (political parties, media, and courts) was interested in establishing the truth behind the attacks.

PJ Mir: If none was interested why India was in such a hurry putting the blame on Ajmal Kasab without any DNA?

Elias Davidson:  This is a political question. I believe the cabinet of Manmohan Singh had already decided how to designate these attacks. They have decided it politically because there was no evidence. Mr. Singh insinuated that foreign countries were involved. Everybody understood what he meant by that, so there was pre-dissemination to blame Pakistan for these attacks. Such a predetermination could only be conceived that he knew what was going on. He would not do it if did not know anything.

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PJ Mir: Former military general  Mehmood Durrani and former interior minister Rehman Malik colluded with India on this. What do you think?

Elias Davidson: This is a question which I cannot answer. In my book, I site the Pakistani public officials who somehow admitted that acquisitions are correct. I don’t think they are serious. I don’t know what their motives are. I don’t know their standing in Pakistan. I am only citing the things which cannot be true because these people have no access to Kasab. They did not know anything about the attacks, so they could not admit in one way or the other.

PJ Mir: Why do you think India has played a card? They did not share any information with Pakistan. What was the reason for that?

Elias Davidson: If one accepts the concept that Indians intelligence service and police in collusion of Americans planned and execute the attacks, why should they share it with Pakistan? I cannot say it explicitly that India did it or the American but my gut feeling through all the information which I presented in the book leaves me with no other plausible answer.

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PJ Mir: Did India want to change the geopolitical landscape around?

Elias Davidson: I have said earlier that the U.S. wanted India into the imperialist camp. Within India, there were sympathetic voices to this idea for their own reason. The aim was enrichment and power. Persecution of Muslims is just a mean. I don’t believe the Indian officials have done that in order to vilify Muslims but in order to strengthen the military, police and practically those who have money in India. Like the cyber and security industry which has bloomed since. Hindutva movement has already gained since then as we see Modi now. So there are political, financial, and strategic reasons for part of Indian establishment to do that.

PJ Mir: I say it is ISI and Indian sentimental issue. Whatever happens in Pakistan or India or reset of the world, they blame ISI. Why do they do that?

Elias Davidson: I know very little about Kashmir conflict. If you ask me what were the motives of RAW and IB in India? We can also ask what is the role of German B&D or MI 6 to organize the false flag operations in Europe. I believe there is a high-level strategy by the west. We began with 1990 after the demise of the Soviet Union; there was a need for the west, for a new enemy or enemy perception. That enemy perception did not exist in the form of any state because no state could replace the Soviet Union as the enemy. So there was a desperate search among American strategists for a new enemy which could help them on foreign policy.

PJ Mir: Would you analyze America as a rogue state because they are going to create power structures and playing with the destinies of the people?

Elias Davidson: Of course, there is no question about it. Anybody who studies U.S. policies in the last 100 years can document that the U.S. is the one who committed aggression in many countries. My book on 9/11 was for the American people. I think they are not really succeeding because SCO is going to get out the world from that.

This was Elias Davidson who is the writer of the book. He does not know much about Pakistan, but at least one thing is very clear; the U.S. played a double role by using India against Pakistan.

Parvez Jamil Mir (PJ Mir) is a TV anchor at PTV and has interviewed many prominent Pakistani politicians and international celebrities.