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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Muniba Mazari’s ex-husband sues her for defamation for Rs. 10 million

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Muniba Mazari’s ex-husband, Khurram Shahzad, has sued the activist for Rs 10 million, accusing her of repeatedly defaming him and misreporting the facts of their split on media.

According to him such falsification of facts is damaging his reputation. In his plea, he has asked PEMRA and the Court to stop the activist from passing derogatory remarks regarding him.

Khurram Shahzad and Muniba Mazari were married in 2005 and three years later in 2008, they encountered a horrible accident near Jacobbabad.

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Unfortunately, Mazari lost the ability to use both her legs and was inflicted with a life-long disability.

Shahzad maintained that he during her illness encouraged her to paint to bring her back to normalcy. But she later started developing an interest in modeling that stood in conflict with his family traditions.

“Similarly, being an esteemed officer of defense forces, the plaintiff could not allow the defendant [Mazari] to continue such practices,” Shahzad maintained in his petition. He added that Mazari left his house of her free will in 2014 and filed for divorce the next year.

He also pointed out that, in her TedTalk, she mentioned that she met a car accident after the ‘driver’ slept and the car fell into a ditch.

Shahzad claimed that it was she who was sleeping and he was behind the wheel.

On another occasion, she said that Shahzad managed to jump out of the car and save himself, to which his petition read, “The words ‘He managed to jump out and saved himself’ used for the plaintiff are extremely painful and unbearable for the plaintiff and his family”. 

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“By showing [the] plaintiff as a very cruel and selfish person, the defendant [Mazari] is seeking attention and sympathy and eventually high rating through national and international media”.

However, Mazari has issued her statement on the Twitter.