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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Muslim family accused of assaulting teenage son over religion in Nashville

The alarm was raised when officers conducted a welfare check on December 11, discovering the teen visibly shaken.

Amidst the calm streets of a tranquil Nashville neighbourhood, a veneer of serenity shattered, thrusting a Muslim family into the spotlight. Accusations of assaulting their teenage son surfaced, fueled by his aspiration to embrace Christianity. This distressing revelation unfolded as vigilant coworkers and neighbours stepped forward, uncovering a poignant narrative entwined with religious strife and claims of violence.

Welfare Check Uncovers Horrifying Scene

The alarm was raised when officers conducted a welfare check on December 11, discovering the teen visibly shaken, covered in bruises and cuts. According to Metro Police reports, the young victim was trembling, his face marked with lumps—a distressing sight that prompted immediate action.

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McDonald’s Assistant General Manager Steps In

Michelle, the Assistant General Manager at the McDonald’s where the boy worked, played a pivotal role in bringing the incident to authorities’ attention. Recognizing signs of abuse, she had her shift manager call the police. Michelle revealed the shocking details of the assault, stating, “They were torturing him. They had him down where they kicked and beat him unconscious.”

Threats and Religious Intolerance

Michelle further disclosed that the victim’s brother, John Kadum, had issued death threats over the phone. The catalyst for the alleged abuse, according to Michelle, was the boy’s desire to embrace Christianity. She recounted a chilling statement from the victim, “My mom put a knife to my throat and said if I don’t deny Jesus, she will kill me.”

Role of a Concerned Neighbour

Paul Levine, a neighbour who had become a mentor to the troubled teen, expressed heartbreak over the situation. Levine, who had previously been informed about threats from the boy’s brother, emphasised the victim’s curiosity about Christianity. He described the family as isolated, lacking connections in the neighbourhood, making the situation even more unsettling.

Legal Developments 

The accused parents, Rawaa Khawaji and Nick Kadum, were arrested, with the mother facing aggravated assault charges. The father and son, arrested on domestic assault and bodily injury charges, have been released on bond. The victim’s neighbour, Levine, voiced unease about the suspects being back in the neighbourhood, emphasising the need for vigilance.

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Despite the harrowing ordeal, there is a glimmer of hope as reports indicate that the victim is safe and under the care of a Christian foster family. The case serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics that can arise when religious differences intersect with familial relationships, sparking a crucial conversation about tolerance, understanding, and the need for intervention in cases of abuse.