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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Muslim students served pork in school

The incident was reported on 12th May. Muslims are prohibited from eating pork in Islam. The parents protested against the school.

A school in the UK accidentally serves pork to the Muslim students leaving the parents of the students furious. The incident happened at a primary school in Birmingham’s West Bromwich. The incident was reported on 12th May.

The school served Muslim students pork sausages instead of ‘vegetable sausages’. The parents protested against the school. They demanded the school to explain how this ‘mix-up’ happened. Muslims are prohibited from eating pork in Islam.

Parents expressing their shock said that around 70% of pupils in the school are Muslims. One of the parents said that she had been refunded the money from the school. She said that the sausage looked and tasted different from the normal one. The mother said the teacher informed her when she went to pick up her child from school.

‘The teacher said the catering company had confirmed all the children in the school, who had ordered veggie sausages, were given pork. We have to order online, a week before, what our children want every day,” the mother said while talking to Daily Mail.

‘The whole school was affected. Whoever ordered veggie sausages was given meat. The company forwarded its details to the school, to give to the parents for complaints and I made one,” she added further.

‘For my daughter to be given a product that is against our religion is absolutely disgusting. About 70% of pupils are Muslim.’

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A spokesperson of the school said: A spokesperson for Ryders Green Primary School said: ‘On Thursday, there was an incident involving the catering company that provides our school meals which meant some pupils were served meat rather than the vegetarian option they had chosen.

‘We have taken this matter very seriously and have formally complained to the catering provider and the Food Standards Agency.’

The local authorities have also taken up the matter and they have discussed the matter with the catering company, parents, and the school.