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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Muslims worldwide engaged in Global Strike Day in solidarity with Gaza

The coalition emphasized that the strike aimed to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza, condemning what they described as "open genocide."

Global supporters of Palestine participated in a worldwide “Strike for Gaza” on Monday, urging an immediate halt to the Israeli bombardment of the embattled enclave. The call for a universal strike originated from the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of Palestinian factions, urging individuals in the occupied West Bank and around the world to stand in solidarity with Gaza.

Coalition’s Call

The coalition emphasized that the strike aimed to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza, condemning what they described as “open genocide,” ethnic cleansing, and colonial settlement in the West Bank. The call also sought to resist any attempts to undermine the just national cause of the Palestinian people.

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US Veto and International Response

The announcement of the strike followed the United States’ veto of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Friday, which sought to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. In response to the diplomatic setback, campaign groups and influencers rallied support using the #StrikeForGaza hashtag on social media platforms. The global call urged supporters to stay at home, keep children from attending school, and abstain from financial transactions.

Worldwide Impact

Videos and photos circulated on social media revealed the profound impact of the strike, with deserted high streets, shuttered shops, and empty public transport in the occupied West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Mauritania, Qatar, Iraq, Morocco, and Tunisia. The strike sent a clear message to the international community that the global community stands united against the atrocities in Gaza.

Local Perspectives

Individuals in Jerusalem expressed their commitment to the strike, emphasising the urgent need to end the ongoing war. Residents stated that participating in the strike was a way of rejecting the US veto and conveying a collective desire for peace. The sentiment was echoed by residents in various cities, including Amman, where businesses closed, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (Unrwa) shut its facilities and schools.

International Call to Action

The International Union of Muslim Scholars has released a statement, appealing to institutions, political movements, and influential figures worldwide to participate in the strike. The statement underscored the United Nations Security Council’s failure to take action and put an end to the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Additionally, Lebanon and Jordan have declared nationwide strikes, closing government offices and institutions as a demonstration of solidarity.

Impact on Europe, the US, and Australia

People and organisations from Europe, the United States, and Australia actively joined the movement, sharing their involvement in the strike on social media. Planned protests in New York further underscore the widespread impact and significance of this global initiative.

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The “Strike for Gaza” stands out as a compelling manifestation of worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian population. As individuals and communities come together, advocating for peace and cessation of violence, the strike serves as a poignant reminder of the capacity of public will to shape government actions and instigate meaningful transformation. Confronted with a persistent humanitarian crisis, there is a pressing call on the international community to attentively address the situation and implement decisive measures to alleviate the suffering in Gaza.