Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar shames PDM on physical abuse against Shahbaz Gill

Mustafa Nawaz raised his voice against the physical torture and abuse of Shahbaz Gill in his tweet that attracted massive attention on social media.

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PPP leader Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar slams the government for physical abuse against PTI leader Shahbaz Gill on Thursday. Shahbaz Gill was arrested a few days ago on sedition charges. He is being accused of inciting mutiny in the security forces of Pakistan through his controversial statements last week.

Shahbaz Gill claims he was subjected to severe physical abuse and torture by Islamabad Police in his captivity. PTI also claims Shahbaz Gill has been abused physically and psychologically during the arrest. They demand that the government provide him with proper health facilities and that he must not be targeted physically. Islamabad Police demand further physical remand of Shahbaz Gill while PTI leaders and his lawyers are urging the court to shift him to the hospital since his life is in danger due to abuse.

Mustafa Nawaz raised his voice against the physical torture and abuse of Shahbaz Gill in his tweet that attracted massive attention on social media. His statements have come as a shock for many people since his party, PPP, is part of the current government setup. He questioned the brazen silence of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Khokhar also admonished the silence of other political leaders on their silence. He claims to have seen the disturbing images of physical torture on Shahbaz Gill. PPP leader asked PM Sharif if he is complacent in this torture on him or if he lacks the power to speak against it.

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|Have seen very disturbing pictures of physical torture on Shahbaz Gill. No matter how much you disagree with or dislike him, a man’s dignity should not have been violated like this. Either the govt of Mian Shahbaz is complicit or spineless to prevent such atrocity! Shame on us,” said Khokhar in his tweet.

“Include the so-called Pakistan Democratic Movement in it too. Serving democracy by torturing political opponents. What a farce!” he added further.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan in his recent interview had publicly spoken about the physical abuse of Gill.

Many have agreed with his statements but some are questioning his presence in the government. These people are asking Mustafa Nawaz to resign and part ways with the PDM.

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