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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

My whole life has been pretty incredible so far, says Kajol

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Actress Kajol, who is busy shooting for the upcoming film ‘Eela’, said that her whole life has been pretty incredible so far.

Asked what was the most “incredible” part of her film journey as she has been one of the top actresses of film industry over the years, Kajol, who has received six Filmfare Awards, including five Best Actress awards, and the Padma Shri in 2011, said: “I don’t know actually. I hope, I am coming to it. I think my whole life has been pretty incredible so far.”

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“I really like my life. I have worked really hard to make it and make it something that I like, so, maybe that is incredible part of my life that actually I have worked very hard to make it a life that I like and love,” she said at a media interaction after attending the trailer launch of Hindi version of ‘Incredible 2′ on Friday.

Having dubbed for the Elastic girl, who is blessed with superpowers, Kajol, asked what superpowers she would love to have, said: “I would love to have actually eight hands and a brain to match that.

“I think partly I have a brain to match that but not completely. I have to manage my time, my kids’ time, and social time, manage to workout at the same time and take care of everybody and do everything that I am supposed to do as well. Actually, forget the right-hand bit, I just like to clone myself.”

Asked whether Bollywood is unable to match up to the standards of making superwoman or super girl’s film, she said: “Not really, not at all. I think we have a lot of films. In fact, recently, people are writing specifically women-centric films… so I don’t think that that is there but yes, I do feel that as an animated picture company, they have lot more freedom because they have an international audience to play with.”

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On what draws her to play the character in a film, she said: “I really believe that I am a reader. I love reading. I think reading is my passion, hobby and meditation.

“I always feel a good script should be like one of those books that you are reading till 4 in the morning when you know that you have to wake up at 7 a.m. and go for work and I feel a character in that book when you think about playing it should be the kind of character that you feel you can build and make something amazing out of it. So that’s really my only requirement.

“I never think whether I am main lead of the film or whether I have enough to do in the film. Whether you have two scenes or half a scene to do, it should be that kind of work which just leaves such a solid impact that will stay with you for much longer.”