NAB probes into new suspicious business transaction case against Miftah Ismail

Fostering the PTI government agenda on eradicating corruption, the NAB is empowered to open up new cases against the perpetrators of corruption. Is it a laudable goal in the way of an anti-corruption drive or a tool of political victimization to cripple the opposition?

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As the anti-graft watchdog makes a probe into fishy business transactions, fake accounts, and overseas investment, the PTI promises of eradicating corruption from the grassroots of Pakistan’s politics are being synergized.

As the PTI narrative stands firmly on showing the “corrupt” leaders the door and winning the trust of the common man, the autonomous body, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is empowered to foster its rhetoric.

On an initiated inquiry into a suspicious bank transaction case against senior PML-N leader Miftah Ismail, the accountability watchdog delved into the matter. The body revealed that the PM’s suspicious transaction was carried through the bank account of the PML-N leader and questioned the source of four billion rupees in the leader’s account.

The NAB sources further expound that Miftah Ismail has earned this sum of money during his tenure. At the start of this year, the then former finance minister Miftah Ismail got bail from his jail on account of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) scandal case.

Furthermore, as per sources, the accountability court issued a release order to the former minister in the LNG case after the submission of a Rs 10 million surety bond by his lawyer in the court.

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Anti-corruption agenda of PTI government

Increased NAB probing highlights both the political chase after the deemed “corrupt” leaders and politicians and the anti-corruption drive that stand at the heart of PTI narrative and campaigning. Bringing forth the populist rhetoric and promising social alleviation against the “scavengers” who have been amassing public wealth through corruption, the PTI-leader and incumbent PM Imran Khan remain determined on ensuring socio-economic uplift in Pakistan.

He adheres to the fact that Pakistan is a land of opportunities, it has a youth bulge, ideal geostrategic location, massive mineral, and untapped natural resources, and unmatchable talent and capabilities among its population.

However, corrupt politicians who have ruled the country for decades have fostered their vested interests and have built fortunes on money allocated for public expenditure and welfare.

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Economic development is the prime goal

PM Imran Khan, while addressing a huge rally in AJK highlighted the social alleviation agenda to the Kashmiris and reiterated that he, unlike many others does not believe in amassing wealth through corruption.

Unlike leaders in the past who have overseas properties, bank accounts, and suspicious transactions, he remains aloof to this wealth garb quest. As a sincere leader, he is steadfast in working for the betterment of the common man, and for this eradicating corruption is the prime agenda on board.

As Pakistan is battling on multiple fronts such as economic meltdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the IMF bail-out program along with security concerns in the region, a steady narrative needs to be built to ensure domestic stability. And this can be achieved with the unanimous coverage by the government and opposition on putting the lid on corruption.

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