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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Nadia Afgan wants ban on Kabir Singh type dramas

Afgan criticized the popular drama "Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi," starring Danish Taimoor, for promoting abusive behaviour disguised as love.

Pakistani actor Nadia Afgan slams Pakistani dramas that follow the toxic tropes seen in movies like “Kabir Singh.”

Afgan raised concerns about the industry’s blatant romanticization of domestic abuse, harassment, and stalking and called for an immediate ban on such dramas. She emphasized these narratives’ harmful impact on young viewers, perpetuating the idea that aggressive behaviour and relentless pursuit are acceptable forms of love.

Afgan criticized the popular drama “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi,” starring Danish Taimoor, for promoting abusive behaviour disguised as love. She highlighted the urgent need to teach young individuals the importance of consent and respect for personal boundaries, regardless of gender. Afgan expressed her frustration with the repetitive and clichéd scripts that often come her way, revolving around family disputes and conflicts.

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The actor stressed the significance of exploring diverse roles and breaking free from repetitive character portrayals. Afgan called for responsible storytelling in Pakistani dramas, advocating for a positive change that promotes healthy relationship dynamics and avoids glorifying abusive and psychotic behavior.

Afgan’s outspoken remarks shed light on the need to shift towards more responsible and inclusive narratives in Pakistani dramas. By calling for a ban on dramas that perpetuate toxic ideals, she raises important questions about the impact of media on society and advocates for a more progressive and respectful approach to storytelling in the industry.

Earlier, Pakistani politician Sharmila Faruqi criticized the increasing portrayal of domestic violence in Pakistani drama serials. She shared a post with a scene from Pakistani dramas.

In the post’s caption, she said, “Why can’t our dramas show a husband having a normal conversation with his wife?”

“Why do our women have to [face] violence and physical abuse at the drop of a hat? What you show in these dramas is what most of our people will emulate. In the last episode of Khuda Aur Muhabbat, Nazim Shah slaps his wife Sahiba while questioning her about her visit to the mazaar with Mahi.”