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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Natalie Portman Divorces Husband Amidst Infidelity Rumors

Natalie Portman finalizes her divorce from French choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied after 11 years of marriage, amidst reports of an extramarital affair.

Natalie Portman, the acclaimed Hollywood actress, has finalized her divorce from French choreographer Benjamin Millepied after 11 years of marriage, according to a source close to the actress. The divorce, which was filed last July, was recently concluded in France, as confirmed by the source.

Portman, who holds both US and Israeli citizenship, rose to fame with her breakthrough role in “Leon: The Professional” and has since starred in numerous blockbusters, including “Star Wars” and Marvel films. Her marriage to Millepied, whom she met on the set of “Black Swan,” added a personal dimension to her professional success.

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The couple’s relationship began in 2009 during the production of “Black Swan,” a film in which Portman not only showcased her acting prowess but also won an Academy Award for her performance. Millepied’s involvement as both a performer and choreographer further deepened their connection. Their wedding in California in 2012 was a public celebration of their union.

However, last May, reports surfaced of an extramarital affair involving Millepied, although neither party addressed the allegations publicly. Despite the challenges, friends close to Portman emphasized her resilience and strength in overcoming the ordeal. While the past year may have been difficult, Portman has found solace in her family, friends, and work, according to sources.