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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Nawaz will return only when he is medically fit, Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal, former federal minister and Secretary-General Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), said that Nawaz would return only when he was medically fit to do so. However, PM Imran Khan says that he will go to the UK and persuade his British counterpart to deport Nawaz.

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Ahsan Iqbal, former federal minister and Secretary-General Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), said that the rule of law reigns supreme in the United Kingdom and not the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Iqbal made the comments in response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that he was willing to go to the United Kingdom if the need arises and speak to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Nawaz Sharif’s deportation from London.

The PML-N leader, addressing a press conference, said that Nawaz would return only when he was medically fit to do so.

Though Nawaz went to the UK on medical grounds, yet he did not spend one night in any hospital. The perception that the former premier left Pakistan after signing a deal with the country’s powerful establishment got strength after Nawaz’s recent speeches from London. He not only slammed the armed forces for allegedly meddling into the political sphere but also named the army chief and the DG ISI for controlling it.

Establishment always favored Nawaz, says PM Khan

In an interview with ARY News, PM Imran said Nawaz had always been favored by the judiciary and the establishment. “This is because he is a product of the establishment,” he said. The premier said that his government will bring Nawaz back soon. “Insha’Allah, we will bring him back to the country and keep him in jail,” he added.

He said that the former Prime Minister [Nawaz] wanted to “turn the Pakistan Army into Punjab Police”, repeating accusations that the PML-N supremo wanted to control the armed forces.

PM Imran referred to Opposition leaders as “thieves”, vowing to never let them form their government in Pakistan even if he does not remain in power.

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“Even if I am not in power, I will not let these thieves return [to the government],” said PM Imran. “If they return, I will mobilize the masses and make them come out on roads [to protest].”

Why is India praising Nawaz?

Referring to the recent exaggerated Indian media reports of a “civil war” breaking out in Karachi, PM Imran said the Modi-led government is the most anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan one to emerge in India over the past seven decades.

“Their media is hailing Nawaz Sharif as a hero of democracy,” he complained. “Let us decide once and for all, is India our well-wisher?”

The prime minister reiterated his stance that India was involved in sectarian killings in Pakistan. PM Imran said he had warned the nation before Dr Maulana Adil Khan’s assassination that India was stoking the flames of sectarian conflict in Pakistan “Who is playing this game to instigate anarchy in the country,” he asked. “Who benefits from this?”

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Referring to the PML-N chief’s criticism of the Pakistan Army, he said that this was the “lowest act” that Nawaz could do. The premier chastised the former prime minister for praising Justice Qazi Faez Isa while disrespecting other judges of the Supreme Court.