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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Naya Pakistan: Is PTI looking for fresh ideas to improve governance?

PTI government has constituted a task force solely for offering innovative thinking and fresh ideas to improve governance in the country. PM Khan deserves appreciation for this great initiative

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has decided to make a task force on innovation which will be headed by Dr. Javaid Asgher. The task force has been made in order to seek fresh ideas and innovative thinking to improve governance and discourse in Pakistan.

According to details, other members of this task force include Saleem Ghouri as an IT expert, Kamran Lashari as a tourism expert, Muhammad Akram as water resources expert, and two other members yet to appoint by PM Imran. The experts have been nominated on the basis of their contributions in their respective fields.

As per the notification, this task force’s primary objective will be to discover and work on ideas with low cost that could in the long-run improve the lives of citizens. It is generally believed that the governments in Pakistan do not seek the guidance of the experts and intellectuals who would have offered innovative ideas to upgrade the economic as well as the social capital of the country. PM Khan is the first prime minister in the modern history of the country who has taken this step with attention to seek some out of the box solutions to deal with Pakistan’s perennial socioeconomic challenges.

Those who think the curriculum of O/A levels is the standard, should know that our prepared curriculum will be a top-level one.

The notification further states that this task force will come up with methods, if implemented, government agencies and departments would be able to work more resourcefully and could deliver fast.

One of the many challenges in Pakistan has been the absence of any mechanism to connect academia with the policymakers. The task force will also encourage the public sector to link academia and research with development and industry.

The PTI is offering interesting solution to counter with Pakistan’s challenges. Recently,  Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood said during a press conference on Wednesday that his ministry is preparing the ‘national’ syllabus after taking all the curriculums around the world into its consideration. Therefore, “those who think the curriculum of O/A levels is the standard, should know that our prepared curriculum will be a top-level one.”

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The task force is expected to conduct research and offer solutions to the policymakers with a view of facilitating youth and enabling Pakistan to make progress. However, the success of the task force depends on its successful recommendations to the government and the latter’s response to their policy guidelines.