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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Naya Pakistan’s 3 years: Where do we stand?

Today, PM Khan will share the PTI government's 3 years performance report. However, the party's accomplishments are already making the rounds on social media. While Twitter floods with PTI's success stories, the Opposition hits back with its criticism of PM Khan.

PM Khan is set to share the PTI government’s performance report with the public today. The report will highlight 3 years of PTI’s key accomplishments and will enable the common man to visualize Naya Pakistan.

PTI’s accomplishments are already making the rounds on social media with the #3yearsofNayaPakistan. Taking to Twitter, PTI uploaded the achievements of PM Khan’s government.

Under PTI, Pakistan achieved remarkable economic development despite Covid. The country’s exports increased and foreign investment improved drastically.

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“Pakistan’s rise in the last 2 years from 148 points to 108 points in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings report is a milestone in the growth of foreign investment in country. Our exports to reach at record levels by 2023,” PTI tweeted.


For the protection of the vulnerable, the PTI government introduced around 36 social welfare programs. Ehsaas, the government’s flagship program helped fulfill the state’s responsibility to address issues like poverty, joblessness, and health. It also ensured the effective utilization of government resources for the welfare of the people.

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Under PM Khan’s leadership, Pakistan is taking active measures against global warming. According to PM Khan, deforestation is affecting the environment. Therefore, it is important to plant trees as Pakistan faces a huge threat from global warming.

As a result, 3 years of Naya Pakistan saw the plantation of one billion trees. With massive plantation drives, PM Khan aims to plant 10 billion trees in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s foreign policy under PM Khan

The most remarkable accomplishment for Pakistan is the improvement of its foreign policy under PM Khan. The Prime Minister’s strong stance regarding Pakistan’s position on international issues, such as Afghanistan, is a point of pride for the nation.

In short, PM Khan’s refusal to give the US military bases gained mass appreciation. Subsequently, it reiterated that Pakistan is an independent state that cannot be pressurized by the US anymore.

Moreover, Pakistan improved its diplomatic relations with many countries during the 3 years of Naya Pakistan.

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In addition to improving relations with countries, PM Khan brought the issue of Kashmir to the international platform on several occasions. PM Khan’s strong views against Islamophobia increased Pakistan’s reputation with Muslim countries.

Al-Jazeera weekly program “Sibaq-ul-Akhbar” even voted him as “Personality of the Week” for his views and efforts to address the issue of Islamophobia.

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Opposition’s opinion on 3 years of Naya Pakistan

While social media floods with PTI’s success stories, the Opposition hits back with its criticism of PM Khan.

Last night, Shehbaz Sharif’s Twitter account posted a thread highlighting the increased prices of medicines. Shehbaz Sharif claimed that the PTI government increased the prices of more than 500 percent of medicines in three years, including life-saving medicines.

After that, the Opposition claimed that poverty, unemployment, and inflation still persists in Pakistan.

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