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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

NCOC accused of reducing Covid tests on purpose?

NCOC's recent Covid data causes a stir as Twitter users notice discrepancies in the statistical data and accuse NCOC of deliberately reducing Covid tests.

NCOC’s recent tweet regarding the number of tests conducted in the last 24 hours has sent Twitter in a frenzy. NCOC tweeted its daily official COVID statistics showing that in the last 24 hours 29, 801 tests were conducted as compared to the day before where 36, 725 tests were conducted. However, the positivity ratio remains above 8%

In addition to this, on May 15th, NCOC announced that the total number of tests in the last 24 hours was 30, 248, but the positivity rate was 5.06%.

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Such statistical discrepancies and a dip in the number of Covid tests within 24 hours have caused Twitter users to accuse NCOC of deliberately reducing the figures despite Covid being at its peak in Pakistan.



People are questioning the accuracy of the statistics as it is concerning for them that for a population of more than 220 million, only 30, 000 tests have been conducted.

Some Twitter users have also defended NCOC stating that it is the people themselves who are unwilling to get tested due to propaganda and misinformation campaigns.

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However, according to the general population, NCOC is trying to portray a more sustained and managed Covid situation within the country to justify the re-opening of schools, and for conducting physical exams which were initially delayed last month due to the high Covid cases.

“This negligence in testing by NCOC will bring another surge of Covid as before. This strategy is being adopted by the government to open educational institutions and conduct exams. This is horrible,” said one Twitter user.

The decision regarding exams and the re-opening of educational institutes was supposed to be taken today, however, the meeting has been postponed.

Meanwhile, with #CancelExamsSaveStudents trending on Twitter, students are calling for the cancellation of all exams altogether. Amid online classes and continuous lockdowns, with exams being delayed, again and again, students are severely distressed.

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Such inconsistencies in decision-making are harming Pakistan’s education, and students are voicing concerns for their health as taking physical exams during Covid has high risks. Many students have even stated that instead of canceling and further postponing exams, online exams should be conducted.