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Sunday, September 24, 2023

NCOC COVID-19 restrictions: Citizens must get vaccinated by Oct

In a press conference, Asad Umar announced new COVID-19 restrictions, particularly for non-vaccinated people. Deadline is set for the end of October as the government wishes to speed up the vaccination drive in Pakistan.

Federal Minister Asad Umar, chief of NCOC, has announced new COVID-19 restrictions for non-vaccinated people on Tuesday. Umar addressed a press conference along with Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan.

In the press conference, the minister announced the new COVID-19 restrictions, particularly for non-vaccinated people. Asad Umar said that NCOC has made vaccination mandatory for the transportation staff of the school children.

He said unvaccinated school staff or transportation staff will not be allowed to work after 31st August unless they get a minimum first dose of COVID-9 vaccination. He said school and transport staff must get fully vaccinated by 30th September.


The government has tightened the restrictions on air travel as well. Asad Umar said that people will not be allowed to travel domestically and internationally by 30th September unless fully vaccinated. Previously, people were allowed to travel domestically with a single dose of COVID-19 vaccination. Federal Minister added that only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel in and outside Pakistan.

He said the deadline to get fully vaccinated by 30th September has been extended to shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and wedding venues. Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to work and enter the above-mentioned sectors after 30th September.

Students to get vaccinated

Asad Umar informed that the government has decided to vaccinate students aged 17 and above. Umar said that students are expected to get at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination by 15th September. Students will not be allowed to attend educational institutes unless fully vaccinated by 15th October.

He asked parents to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible. Asad Umar said the government has set the restriction to get at least one dose of coronavirus vaccination by 15th September for commuting and working in the transport sector. People will not be allowed to commute or work in the public transport sector if failed to get fully vaccinated by October 15th.

Federal Minister informed that COVID-19 restrictions will be imposed on motorways and highways as well. He said people traveling on motorways and highways must get their first dose by 15th September and be fully vaccinated by 15th October. While on other highways, people must get fully vaccinated by 31st October.

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NCOC chief said that administrative preparations are underway and technology will be used to implement these restrictions. He said that all these COVID-19 vaccination restrictions are being implemented for the safety of the citizens. The government does not want businesses to operate under restrictions hence all these guidelines are set to return to benefit people.

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New COVID-19 vaccination phase to begin: Faisal Sultan

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that the government has announced to start the vaccination of people aged 17 years by September. In the next phase, children aged 15 and 16 will be vaccinated. He said that the government is also planning to start the vaccination process of immuno-comprised patients. He said vaccination of such people would begin at a selected few vaccination centers to record their medical history.

Faisal Sultan said that they are also initiating vaccination for international travel to facilitate and meet their requirements of vaccination set by foreign countries. Travelers will have to pay a certain amount as this category does not correspond to the anti-coronavirus campaign in the country.

NADRA and NCOC have made a mobile application called vaccine wallet. People can now carry their verified vaccination certificates on their phones. Dr. Sultan added that arrangements are being made to include foreign-vaccinated people. While concluding, he added that the government has traced people involved in fake vaccination certifications. Both the users and makers will be punished accordingly.